Katrina Daniel — Founder & CEO at Legal Video Concepts

Miami, FL — Katrina Daniel is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Trusted Executive Professional for her exemplary work as the Founder & CEO at Legal Video Concepts, and her outstanding achievements as a broadcast journalist, writer, reporter, and legal observer.

Legal Video Concepts has produced many sentencing mitigation videos for federal criminal defendants and federal judges all over the country, with a 98% success rate. The submission of a sentencing mitigation video is one of the most effective ways to show the Judge the positive aspects of a criminal defendant’s life story. In addition, Legal Video Concepts produces Pre-charging Disposition Persuasion Videos to persuade prosecutors to lessen proposed charges against a defendant when presented with evidence, documentation, and character witness testimony showing positive steps the defendant has taken to completely alter their lives so they will not repeat past mistakes or criminal acts.

A Peabody Award-Winning, Emmy-Nominated broadcast journalist, Ms. Katrina Daniel has led an outstanding career dedicated to helping individuals and families in crisis. She has accrued 35 years of extensive experience as a writer, reporter, and legal observer with valuable print, digital and editing skills.

Katrina Daniel is also the creator of the podcast called “PrimeTimeCrime”, available on Apple, Spotify, and Stitcher. Katrina interviews experts, cyber security, forensic and others to direct, debrief legal issues. 

Throughout her career, she has covered some of the most high profile criminal trials in America, legal and medical affairs, and worked abroad in countries including Grenada, Haiti, and Germany. She speaks French, Spanish, and German. As of 2019, Ms. Daniel has proudly served as the founder and chief executive officer of Legal Video Concepts where she strives to help those who need to present the holistic view of their lives in a powerful format to the court. In addition to her role at Legal Video Concepts, Daniel also writes for Coral Gables Magazine.

In her spare time, she does public service at a shelter for victims of domestic violence. Those including: The Leadership School, The Susan G. Komen Board, Steps to Hope, Adopt-A-Pet Board, ZooMiami Board, and the Leadership Alumni Chamber Board.

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