Adrian J. Margan Top Executive

Adrian J. Margan – Top Executive

Toronto, ON — Adrian J. Margan is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Top Executive for his exceptional achievement and leadership in the field of Construction.

Adrian J. Margan is the Vice President at Terco Construction Limited, a general contracting and managing company since its establishment in 2005 from business owner Joe Defranco. At Terco Construction LTD Mr. Margan’s primary responsibility is to build and maintain lasting business relationships; with clients that range from small business owners to land and building developers. At the office, Mr. Margan oversees all work produced by his estimating, project management, and marketing departments. As an inspirational leader to his team, he brings over 20 years of vast knowledge and work experience to the table, encouraging his team to set ambitious goals and accomplish them consistently. With this approach to the industry, Mr. Margan along with his team can ensure that the client’s project stays on schedule and budget in a professional and organized manner. He promotes self-growth and continuous education within the Terco Construction team. Whether that be a guided site tour or a professional development course, Mr. Margan believes it is important to stay current in the industry to provide a productive and efficient service to their clients. Mr. Margan balances his office team while simultaneously managing multiple job sites, this includes; coordinating project managers, site supers, and multiple trades in a responsible and safe construction site.

Mr. Margan attributes his success to perseverance, dedication, hard work, and of course his network of reliable clients. Mr. Margan first started in the industry as an exceptional drafts person. Opportunities kept knocking at this determined young man’s door, allowing him to work his way up in this competitive industry. He gained experience as a site superintendent, followed by the project coordinator, and then project manager at various reputable construction companies. It was when Mr. Margan opened his own consulting construction company that he had the absolute pleasure of working with Terco Construction. His goals, values, and work ethic paired so well with Terco Construction LTD he was sought out and hired as their very own Vice President of construction management. Together they believe in foreseeing any and all issues the client may have through the construction process, as well as anticipating solutions to the site, weather, and safety conditions. Mr.Margan shared a personal work experience with us from early in his career that demonstrates his ability to work, under pressure and meet stringent deadlines. Following the Ontario Black-Out of 2003, Mr. Margan’s mandate was to install and upgrade a new diesel fuel management system in over 120 Key Bell Canada facilities located across Ontario and Quebec. Not only was he able to get the task done, but he also exceeds the client’s expectation by completing the project on budget and ahead of schedule with restricted access.

Whether it’s a commercial retail build, an occupied space, or a new build in an open field in the middle of winter, Mr. Margan has developed the tools and expertise to ensure a successful project. This year has been especially challenging for the construction industry with the onset of COVID-19 and the new realities of the changing work environment. With this new challenge afoot Mr. Margan developed Terco Construction’s online presence. Rebuilding the corporate website, developing a platform for social media posts, and currently with the Terco team, they are redeveloping the project management tools to streamline the business.

In light of his academic achievements, Mr. Margan attended Sheridan College, studying Architectural Technology, and obtaining a Drafting Certificate from the International Academy of Design & Technology. He also attended the University of Toronto where he studied Canadian Contemporary History in 2003.

In his spare time, Mr. Margan enjoys spending time with his family. He is also an active member of the community as well as supporting humanitarian efforts including Habitat for Humanity.

Terco Construction is known to create value where there was thought to be none. All their services are carried out in the most cost-effective, safe, and efficient manner possible. If you are looking for a general contractor for your next project, please visit for more information.

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