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Alain Van Loo – Pinnacle Lifetime Achiever

Horsham, PA – Alain Van Loo, is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Pinnacle Lifetime Achiever in the field of Finance as a Chief Investment and Wealth Management Officer, at The Sharp Financial Group

The Sharp Financial Group Horsham, Pennsylvania understands the mindset it takes to build a business from scratch and managing it thereafter. Together they have worked tirelessly with businesses founded by top entrepreneurs. Often time’s entrepreneurs put their own personal wealth on the line for their business; this is where The Sharp Financial Group would provide soon to be business owners a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), where they calculate a fluid and seamless financial management experience that covers the spectrum from business interests to personal assets. With headquarters in Pennsylvania, they have locations in New York City and New Jersey as well.

Alain Van Loo has 25 years in the financial service industry and 2 1/2 years in his current position as the Chief Investment and Wealth Management Officer, at The Sharp Financial Group. Amongst his career accomplishments, he has built a business across the pond in London, and Chair of the Money Marketeers of NYU. As well as being Board of Directors: for Good Grief, he Donates and Volunteers for Good Grief regularly.

To better prepare for his career in finance. Mr. Vanloo studied at Lafayette College and earned his Bachelor of Arts in 1994 when he double majored in government law and international affairs. Attributing his success to hard work and luck, he is always open to new and improved innovations and opportunities.

In his personal time Alain Van enjoys tennis, skiing and spending time with family.

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