Arvin Pereira — Managing Director

Allen, TX— Prominently featured in The Inner Circle, Arvin Pereira is acknowledged as a Top Pinnacle Professional for his contributions to the fields of Global Banking and Treasury Services.

Mr. Pereira prepared for his success by earning an MBA in Marketing in 1994, and another in Finance in 1995. Known for his ability to network and build relationships, the business professional is a driving force in the field boasting thoughtful leadership and influence in transformational sales.

With more than 27 years in the field, Mr. Pereira considers his experience working in the global market and achieving success in multiple countries a career highlight. He notes that he deeply values and appreciates all individuals he encounters; possesses an intrinsic ambition to succeed by pushing boundaries; and embraces a disruptive mindset that challenges the status quo. Citing many significant achievements during his illustrious career, the business professional is a managing director who showcases exceptional leadership and managerial skills through the ownership and implementation of Lockbox. This, and many other experiences, has allowed Mr. Pereira to be an insightful mentor to many people who have flourished under his tutelage.

Always seeking knowledge and networking, Mr. Pereira maintains active affiliations with esteemed professional organizations, including the CFA Society and the Treasury Society, at both the local and national levels. He asserts that he is deeply committed to positively impacting society through his involvement in charitable organizations and actively supports the philanthropic efforts of organizations such as Feed the Children, which focuses on alleviating hunger and providing essential resources to needy children. Mr. Pereira, along with his wife, is dedicated to promoting well-being, education, and environmental conservation through the Isha Foundation.

Aside from his professional and civic pursuits, Mr. Pereira enjoys hiking and exploring scenic places with his family. He notes that he is a nature lover and finds solace and rejuvenation in the great outdoors. He practices meditation as part of his holistic lifestyle, prioritizing mental and spiritual well-being.

Commending them for their unwavering support and inspiration, Mr. Pereira would like to dedicate this honor to his beloved family and recognize their indispensable role in his life. Instrumental in his success, he is constantly reminded of the importance of family in his personal and professional growth.

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