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Ashley Q. Seyfarth, PharmD

Aztec & Bloomfield, NM – Ashley Q. Seyfarth, PharmD is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Pinnacle Professional in the field of medicine as a pharmacist and owner at Kare Drug.

Ashley Seyfarth

Locally owned and operated for over 45 years, KARE Drug provides excellent pharmaceutical and wellness services to the Aztec and Bloomfield areas. As one of the most trusted pharmacies in Sun Juan County, they are committed to helping customers refill medicine easily and promptly while ensuring outstanding customer service and patient care. They stride to make refilling and taking medication easy, offering a Simplify My Meds program, which allows customers to automatically refill medicine and pick up all of their prescriptions on a single date. Along with the option to have the medications dispensed in medication adherence packaging versus maintaining a number a vials. Since the dynamics of pharmacy constantly change, they offer a wide range of other services, such immunization and tuberculosis (TB) skin testing, offering OTC products for what ails you including allergies, colds, coughs, and pain. Some of their products include certified CBD tinctures, essential oils, and pain creams.

A top pharmacist in the Farmington Metropolitan area, Dr. Seyfarth, revered for her success and dedication to her patients. She ensures items such as EpiPens do not run out of stock by backordering products in advance. She has been co-owner of Kare Drug for the last two years but just recently took full ownership as of November 2019 when her long-time mentor and partner, Roger Murray, retired.

In recognition of academic achievements, Dr. Seyfarth attended the University Of New Mexico College Of Pharmacy where she received her Doctor of Pharmacy in 2014 after completing an Associate of Science Degree from San Juan College in 2010. In just 5 short years after the completion of her Doctorate, Dr. Seyfarth accomplished a dream of owning an independent community pharmacy, not one but two. She also works hard to help protect the businesses as she played a major role in getting landslide legislation passed in the New Mexico legislator to help regulate the Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PMBs) in 2014 and in 2019.

Remaining abreast of the latest developments within independent community pharmacy, Dr. Seyfarth serves on the Board of the New Mexico Pharmacist Association (NMPhA), and is currently the Chair of New Mexico Pharmacy Business Council (NMPBC).

Her hope for the future is to help move independent community pharmacies into the main stream again. By offering services and  quality patient care that people deserve from their pharmacy and make her business last for another 40 plus years.

Outside of work, she enjoys helping with activities for the local Boys and Girls Club, as well as giving to the local Humane Society. She enjoys boating, camping, hiking, and racing Ford Mustangs with the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA). Ultimately, her favorite thing to do is spend time with her family.

Dr. Seyfarth dedicates this recognition to her husband Jay Seyfarth of 19 years who has encouraged and pushed her to succeed, her daughter Kalyn born in July 2016 and son Brecken born in July 2019.

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