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Ben Oskarsson — Top Executive

Menomonee Falls, WI — Ben Oskarsson is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Top Executive in the Supply Chain Solutions and Manufacturing fields, acknowledging his work with Lakeside Metal Specialties, Inc.

With 27 years of experience in the corporate arena, Mr. Oskarsson currently holds the position of Vice President, Sales and Engineering at Lakeside Metal Specialties, Inc., headquartered in Paragould, AR. He has been in his position since 2019. In his career, he has served in several senior management roles, including Director and Vice President. He leads extraordinarily talented engineering and sales teams in his current role.

Lakeside Metal Specialties is a supply chain solutions company and manufacturer of engineered OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) components. They focus on international and domestic strategic sourcing, project management, and total supply chain solutions with over 35 years of sourcing success. Their customers include small privately held companies to Fortune 500 companies.

Before starting his professional journey, Mr. Oskarsson attended college, obtained his Commercial Pilot’s license, and completed flight safety training. He has flown several aircraft, including Cessna, KingAir, Piper 160, and Skipper.

Among his professional accomplishments, Mr. Oskarsson has been the recipient of the Top Producer Award.

Mr. Oskarsson attributes his success to his curiosity and strong organizational skills put into practice. He believes it is essential to ask for and receive valuable feedback from his teams, i.e., SolidWorks flow simulation for the purpose of fluid analysis. He also believes it is important to do a “sanity test.” He lives by the concept of value creation while helping his team and the company achieve their goals by providing leadership and mentorship.

Looking toward the future, he seeks to grow his networking opportunities and get feedback from peers on today’s business challenges. He hopes to double the company’s revenue and gain high-value networking contacts in all types of fields.

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