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Brenda K. Brown, MD – Top Family Physician

Rochester, MN – Brenda K. Brown, MD, is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Top Family Physician in the field of medicine with the Olmsted Medical Center.

Brenda K. Brown, MD

Olmsted Medical Center is a medical facility with primary physicians striving to keep their community healthy and guide patients to the necessary care they need. With clinical services like Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Pediatrics they can provide comprehensive care for patients to not only maintaining good health, but also to be able to diagnose, manage and treat injuries, illness, and infection.

Brenda K. Brown is a board-certified physician that has worked with the Olmsted Medical Center for the last 12 years. She has 22 years of experience in the medical field and co-manages patients with Mayo Clinic as well as other organizations. The main focus of her practice is multi-generational family care including women and children and has a specialty in prenatal care, where she sees women until the last month of pregnancy.  Dr. Brown enjoys the multifaceted work that presents itself every day, and constantly strives for high quality evidence-based medical care with a personal touch. She will be leaving her current practice in June of 2020 to start a new endeavor.

Her professional inspiration has come from all of her residency advisors, physician colleagues, support staff, and patients that she has had the pleasure to have worked with. Dr. Brown learns something new from everyone she meets about the aspects of medicine, humanity, customer service, overcoming challenges, and selflessness. Dr. Brown is grateful every day with every encounter and how lucky she is to be alive and able to interact and help those around her. Dr. Browns Advice to those coming up in the field is to listen before you speak, the question before you diagnose, and always trust your instincts when something is still bothering you- for it is usually true.

In recognition of her academic success, Dr. Brown earned her Medical Degree at the University of Minnesota in 1994. Following medical school, she started working in Family Medicine after the completion of her residency programs with Genesis Family Medicine and St. Paul Ramsey Family Medicine in 1997. She has affiliations with both the American Academy of Family Physicians and a Minnesota Medical Associate.

Outside of taking care of her patients, Dr. Brown enjoys photography, needlework, and reading in her free time.

Dr. Brenda K. Brown dedicates her success to her parents Judy and Bill.

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