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Carl E. Kegerreis — Writer

Carl E. Kegerreis is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Top Pinnacle Achiever for his professional excellence in the transportation industry and his exceptional voice as a Writer.

Joining the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad in 1967, which later became the CSX Transportation Railroad, Carl E. Kegerreis enjoyed a fruitful 32 years and 9 months long career in railroad police and 4 years of federal services. He studied at Manchester College and Ball State University before being drafted in the United States Army in 1964, and training with sentry dogs to protect missile sites. He was promoted to Security Sergeant for the 5th Missile Battalion and 56th Artillery and received an honorable discharge in 1967. Serving the states of Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, he was a police officer, Lieutenant to Captain, and Division Chief of Police between 1976 and 1984.

Exhibiting dual career paths, Mr. Kegerreis has also served as a prolific and talented author since 2010, in which he focused his attention on children’s fiction, adult fiction, and adult non-fiction. His first children’s fiction book was “Tibby And His Friends Big Secret,” published by Outskirts Press in 2010, followed by the non-fiction book “Fleeing A Country Seeking A New Life,” published by Bookstand Publishing in 2011. Three years later he authored his career highlight, a non-fiction book entitled “Who Is Going to Believe They Saved Or Prolonged My Life,” about his fight with cancer. Additionally he has written a children’s fiction book, “Hunting Elock,” published by Tate Publishing 2016 and “Searching For Elock,”published By Wheat-Mark Publishing in 2019. Recently in 2020, he wrote “I Wish I Had Those Gasoline Pellets,” an adult fiction story which is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, and other book stores now.

Mr. Kegerreis attributes his success to the support of his family, who have always provided inspiration for his books. Prior to commencing his writing career, he was inspired by his daughter, who said, “His active imagination would translate well into written works”. Thereafter, he wrote a book for his daughter’s fourth grade class, and published “Tibby And His Friend’s Big Secret”. Since publishing his successful books, he has donated some profits from his writing to the Cancer Research Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio.  All royalties from ”I Wish I Had Those Gasoline Pellets,” will be sent to Alzheimer’s Research In Loving Memory of his wife of 58 years, the love of his life, who passed away on Mar. 1, 2021, with Alzheimer’s.

Looking toward the future, Mr. Kegerreis intends to continue writing and having books published within his areas of interest. He is working on a website with Econ Rocket Representatives in Alberta, Canada.

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