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Carlos Sullivan – Top Executive

Honolulu, HI — Carlos Sullivan is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Top Executive in the Logistics & Transportation industry and acknowledgment of his professional excellence as the Vice President of Logistics at Aloha Freight Forwarders.

With operations between Hawaii and California, the premier full-service ocean freight forwarder, Aloha Freight Forwarders have proudly served the general shipping industry for 62 years and counting. The dedicated and friendly team continually strives for on-time and damage-free delivery at competitive rates. As a global shipping company, Aloha Freight Forwarders handles more than 300 shipments per day between the Mainland and Hawaii, Guam, and Alaska. Additionally, they operate their fleet of trucks for pickup and delivery service throughout Southern California. Ensuring the highest level of service, reliability, and proper handling of clients’ valuable cargo, Aloha Freight Forwarders maintains inventories and ledgers with online inventory access for their customers utilizing an 85,000 square foot warehouse with 10,000 to 30,000 square foot of warehouse space available at any one time at the Compton location.

Mr. Sullivan is a well-seasoned and highly experienced leader in the logistics industry, having accrued 21 years of vast knowledge and professional excellence. Throughout his distinguished career, he has excelled in varying positions at CFX, Horizon Lines, and for the state and the University of Hawaii. He has garnered a well-deserving reputation for his outstanding contributions including his exceptional work implementing procedures that are still in effect today. In his current capacity, Mr. Sullivan demonstrates the highest level of professionalism and integrity as the Vice President of Logistics at Aloha Freight Forwarders. He has devoted the past year overseeing revenue generation and is currently creating an air freight brand within the company.

In preparation for his career, Mr. Sullivan completed his undergraduate studies with a Bachelor of Science degree in hotel management and transportation from the University of Hawaii, later went on to pursue graduate studies in tourism, and obtained his Masters of Business of Administration from the same institution.

Remaining at the forefront of his field, Mr. Sullivan serves as the President of the Hawaii Transportation Association and maintains an active affiliation with Contract Builders Group. Additionally, he sits on the board for Boy Scouts of American – Hawaii.

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