Carly Snyder, M.D.

Carly Snyder, M.D.

New York, NY – Carly Snyder, M.D. is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Top Psychiatrist in the field of Medicine. Dr. Snyder is a reproductive and perinatal psychiatrist and works as the Director of Women’s Health at Family Health Associates, a boutique psychiatric private practice on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

Dr. Snyder works with women who are struggling with emotional symptoms during their reproductive years. Her approach is a combination of traditional psychiatric and integrative medicine-based treatments, intended to optimize the body and the mind. She also has a weekly radio show and podcast called MD for Moms where she interviews other physician moms about their specialties, and is an avid writer and speaker who is in high media demand.

Perinatal mental health is a subspecialty that is on the forefront of science, and Dr. Snyder is inspired and excited by new research that is constantly emerging in her field that allows for more sophisticated and tailored treatment options for patients. Dr. Snyder uses evidence based treatments to help her patients emerge from often debilitating symptoms to feeling back to normal. Knowing she can help new moms specifically enjoy motherhood and no longer experience postpartum depression and anxiety is particularly rewarding for Dr. Snyder.

To prepare for her career, Dr. Snyder attended NYU School of Medicine for a Doctor of Medicine degree. She subsequently completed a general psychiatry residency at Mount Sinai Beth Israel Medical Center with sub specialized elective training in reproductive psychiatry at Cornell’s Payne Whitney Women’s Clinic, where she remains as a voluntary attending.

As an integrated multidisciplinary private practice, Family Health Associates specializes in diagnosing and treating attention, behavioral, mood, and learning disorders. They offer individualized services to children, adolescents, and adults. They have two locations, on Manhattan’s Upper East Side and in the business district of White Plains in Westchester County.

Dr. Snyder dedicates her success to her mentor and partner, her father, psychiatrist Alan Wachtel, MD.

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