Carolyn Herbert — Top Business Owner

Palmyra, VA — Carolyn Herbert is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Top Business Owner for her exemplary work in the culinary field.

Inspired by her 92-year-old mother’s love for wine, Ms. Herbert created a wine jelly for her to snack on at every meal. Ms. Herbert decided to pursue her interests further, tweaking the recipes with a chef until she found the perfect mixture. She started selling her wine jellies at craft fairs, with the proceeds supporting a family member who was struggling with mental health issues. Ms. Herbert prides herself on hiring individuals who might otherwise have a hard time finding employment, such as formerly incarcerated people or people who struggle with mental health issues. She lifts up these employees by placing them in positions of trust, emphasizing a team-based work environment.

Ms. Herbert takes nothing from the company, with 100% of the wine jelly profits going to the employees. This especially benefits employees who were or are incarcerated, giving them the funds necessary to buy essential items like toothbrushes, clothes, or shoes. For five years, Herbert’s Wine Jelly has strived to make gourmet food products, with the profits directly helping those in need. This includes Beyond the Fence, a platform for artists who were formerly incarcerated to showcase their products for sale.

Herbert’s Wine Jelly has been recognized for excellence by VA Finest®, The Virginia ABC, Who’s Who Lifetime Tier, P.O.W.E.R. Lifetime Recognition, Lifetime Magazine, and radio podcasts.

The line of products can be purchased at specialty food stores nationwide, at selected Virginia vineyards and grocery stores, at the Library of Congress museum store in Washington DC, and on her website at

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