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Chad McCall — Founder and CEO of Mountain Medics

Mount Shasta, CA — Chad McCall is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Top Pinnacle Executive in the Medical field for his outstanding achievements and acknowledging his work as Founder and CEO of Mountain Medics.          

With 19 years of experience, Mr. McCall founded Mountain Medics in 2014. Mountain Medics is the only ambulance company in the United States that provides critical care 4×4 ambulance services with personnel qualified in wilderness medicine. The company also offers online medical direction in response to the growing need for on-scene medical support for wildland firefighters. With wireless technologies that permit constant communication with trained emergency physicians, Mountain Medics offers rugged mobile medical clinics and ambulance support teams equipped to live and work in harsh conditions. The ambulance company also carries a full complement of prescription medications, IV solutions, and wound care supplies.

Having grown up in Alaska, Mr. McCall relocated to Northern California in 1998 to teach environmental education. He has since excelled as an emergency medical technician (EMT) and the Mount Shasta ski patrol and has also engaged in mountain guiding and search and rescue. He became involved in emergency triage work at the Astrodome in Houston in 2005 in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. He also traveled to Pakistan to assist in relief work at urgent care clinics following a severe earthquake. In addition, Mr. McCall has provided superior service throughout the United States as a fireline and disaster paramedic with the National Guard and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Mr. McCall is certified as a registered nurse, AIARE Avalanche Safety Level 2, Ski Patrol NSP, APP, swiftwater rescue, and rope rescue.

Owing his success to his nurturing personality and passion for taking care of people, Mr. McCall enjoys his business because it allows him to serve first responders and firefighters, who are heroes of communities in their own right. As a career highlight, Mr. McCall cites his management of paramedics, EMTs, and nurses who give 100 percent quality service.

In the coming years, Mr. McCall envisions Mountain Medics becoming a leading ambulance service provider in the industry and embracing potential competitors to ensure that firefighters and first responders receive all the quality on-scene medical support they require.

In light of this recognition, Mr. McCall would like to give special thanks to his mentor, Matt Hill, and Patrick Titus.

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