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Charles Phillip “Chuck” Wheeler Sr., MD – Top Ophthalmologist

Pikeville, KY – Charles Phillip “Chuck” Wheeler Sr., MD, is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Top Ophthalmologist in the field of Medicine as an Ophthalmologist at Mountain Eye Care.

Dr. Wheeler renders expert, caring ophthalmology services at Mountain Eye Care at 387 Town Mountain Road. His areas of expertise include refractive and cataract eye surgery and care. He has been highly successful throughout his career on account of being an extremely caring medical professional.

Passionate about ophthalmology, Dr. Wheeler loves his career and feels very blessed. If given another opportunity to choose a different path, he wouldn’t. He does not view working in the operating room as work because it makes him feel “light and easy”. He enjoys helping patients improve their vision. His patients include a 95 year old WWII vet, who now has 20/40 vision.

After Dr. Wheeler completed an ophthalmology elective during medical school, he became truly intrigued by the field. He earned a Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Louisville. Then, he went on to complete an internship and a residency at the University of Kentucky.

Dr. Wheeler dedicates this recognition in loving memory of Dr. Charles F. Wilson and to Dr. Edward Connelly; his wonderful wife Robin Wheeler, “thank you for your continuing love and support”; and Dr. O.W. Thompson, the person who encouraged him to move to Kentucky.

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