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Charlie A. Martezos — Distinguished Accountant and Financial Consultant

East York, Ontario, Canada — Charlie A. Martezos is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Distinguished Accountant and Financial Consultant for his phenomenal achievements in the field of Accounting and in acknowledgment of his work at Martezos & Associates.

Mr. Martezos knows that every business or family is unique, and therefore their accounting needs will be unique, too. Located at B-25 Bermondsey Road in East York, Ontario, Canada, Martezos & Associates is a leader in tax compliance, bookkeeping, and consulting. Mr. Martezos is the Owner, Accountant, and Financial Consultant at Martezos & Associates.

He has been working at the company for over 21 years, founding Martezos & Associates in 2000. He and the talented team of accountants and financial consultants can help customers with a wide range of small business services. This includes personal, business, and corporate taxes, local sales tax and VAT, and legally required corporate documentation. They handle management, such as bookkeeping, payroll, planning advice, payables, and receivables such as customer invoices. Martezos & Associates are also adept at advising, helping directors make informed decisions, giving advice on capital fundraising to grow the business, and planning the finances of mergers and acquisitions.

With over 33 year of total experience in the industry, Mr. Martezos’ advice to young companies is to contact an accountant as soon as they can, in order to discuss the future of the business. This can include the business’s organizational system, taxes, operations goals, target pricing, and profit margins. He has guided many businesses through fundraising opportunities, supplying them with tried-and-true advice, robust plans, and organizing records to prepare for the next steps.

At Martezos & Associates, customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance. He believes that your accountant should return your calls quickly, make you feel comfortable and heard, and ask the right questions about you or your business’s goals. He enjoys working with every client to help them figure out the best long-term strategies, tax options, and fundraising opportunities. Mr. Martezos offers free consultations to discuss options.

To prepare for his career in Finance, Mr. Martezos received an undergraduate degree and Master’s degree in Engineering. He bought 16 restaurants as the price of real estate fell, taking advantage of the market. He then formed Martezos & Associates in 2000, creating a successful all-purpose financial and stock brokerage company. He attributes his decades of professional success to his very strong educational background, his persistence, and his drive to succeed at any cost. He looks forward to increasing and enhancing his professional networking and contracts, as well as expanding operations into North America and Europe.

For more information, visit or call (416) 619-5225 for a free consultation.

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