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Christine T. Rose, CEO — Distinguished Executive

Federal Way, WA — Christine T. Rose, CEO, is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Distinguished Executive in the Business Coaching and Consultant field and in acknowledgment of her work with Christine Rose Coaching & Consulting.

Ms. Rose is an internationally bestselling author, dynamic keynote speaker and presenter, and top certified business and executive coach. Her boutique business and executive coaching and consulting practice specializes in developing effective business strategies through one-to-one coaching and Mastermind Groups tailored for CEOs to boost performance and decision-making to drive business results. She holds numerous professional certifications, including an International Coaching Federation (ICF) Associate Certified Coach credential, Value Builder Advisor and Built to Sell Coach, Psychological Safety Coach, and Core Values Coach. In addition, she is a certified Canfield Trainer and Virtual Trainer and member of the Forbes Coaches Council. Christine Rose Coaching & Consulting has also been recognized multiple times by peer business owners as local Small Business of the Year.

“I coach leaders to make the positive changes personally and in their business that will allow them and those they lead to thrive,” Ms. Rose states. “Through my work, whether coaching CEOs or leadership teams, facilitating CEO Mastermind groups optimized for the virtual space, writing, or speaking, I’m committed to helping you design and live your best future in your business and your life. It starts with a simple conversation. You talk; I listen.”

In pursuit of higher education, Ms. Rose earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at Georgetown University and a Graduate Certificate in Fundraising Management at the University of Washington. Since establishing her own business in 2015 after retiring from a career in business and nonprofit development, she has worked primarily with CEOs of small-sized companies to help grow leadership and high-value businesses. She also has several publications under her belt. Her latest book, Life Beyond #MeToo: Creating a Safer World for Our Mothers, Daughters, Sisters & Friends, coaching accelerated positive culture change for organizations, families, and individuals, was endorsed by top leadership coaches, including Jack Canfield and Marshall Goldsmith, listed as a #1 new release on Amazon, and recognized as an International Book Awards’ winning finalist for Top New Nonfiction books of 2021. She has co-authored international bestsellers with Kevin Harrington, Jim Britt, and Sean Douglas.

In 2022 Ms. Rose was named among the Top 20 Women Business Coaches. In 2019 Ms. Rose was honored as a Top Business Coach for her work as an international bestselling author and speaker featured by the United Nations. She is also a recipient of the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award conferred by President Joseph R. Biden. Ms. Rose maintains an active affiliation with the International Coaching Federation among her professional memberships and affiliations.

 In the next five years, Ms. Rose intends to continue serving leaders by facilitating Mastermind Groups for CEOs and conducting an online executive coaching and consulting business globally. She attributes much of her success to “curiosity and God’s grace.”

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