Christy J. Stevens — Police Sgt. And Taekwon Do Studio Owner

Omaha, NE — Sgt. Christy J. Stevens is being recognized by The Inner Circle as Professional Woman of the Year 2023 for her accomplishments as a Police Sgt. and an Owner and Master

Instructor at Dek’s Taekwondo School.

Beginning her studies in traditional taekwondo under Grandmaster Ki Hyung Kim in April 1995, Sgt. Christy J. Stevens determined martial arts would be a large part of her life and quickly rose through the ranks to earn her 1st Dan Black Belt in September 1997. In 1998, Ms. Stevens became Master Kim’s first NTA-Certified female instructor and became the highest-ranking female Black Belt under Master Kim’s tutelage.

While training to become a formidable martial artist, Sgt. Stevens chose law enforcement as a profession so she could honorably use her martial arts skills to ‘give back’ to society. Practicing taekwondo has served Sgt. Stevens to keep physically fit and mentally strong, important to her profession as a Sergeant with the Omaha Police Department for the last 20 years. Nothing, however, compares to the emotional rewards Master Stevens receives by helping others overcome their fears, adversities, or low self-esteem as she leads them along their journey to Black Belt.

As an owner and Master Instructor of Dek’s Taekwondo School, Master Stevens has been honored to work and teach alongside an amazing martial artist and teacher, Master Puht S. Dek, 8th Dan Black Belt. Doing everything she can to ensure the success of the school and its students, Master Stevens’ responsibilities include all the accounting and creation of all the legal and informational paperwork needed to run an ethical business. She has created and managed the website to include the galleries of videos and photos used to create efficacy. Due to the trying times of COVID-19, she is adding instructional videos to the Members’ pages and has authored a Student Manual so students can stay current with their studies at home if needed.

Prior to her successful career, Sgt. Stevens was a Top Honors graduate, graduating summa cum laude from the University of Nebraska-Omaha. She received a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Pre-Med, as the top-ranked student in the College of Arts and Sciences. This education and background have provided insight into improving the students’ execution of technique while simultaneously minimizing the risk of injury.
This insight has lifted students, including those with ADHD, Autism, and other various learning and physical obstacles, to amazing levels of performance. Additionally, Master Stevens has passed this knowledge onto her instructors in the studio. Having completely revolutionized how techniques are taught and practiced in traditional taekwondo ensures every student under their instruction has the framework necessary to become an accomplished Black Belt.

Master Stevens has received awards for ‘Best Instructor’ and ‘Outstanding Instructor’ for providing practical and quality instruction to her students while ensuring they learn and operate within a safe, supportive environment. Ms. Stevens had also received the US Kido Foundation’s Instructor of the Year honor in 2013.

As a single parent to four wonderful ‘special needs’ children, Sgt. Stevens enjoys interacting with the community through the various events hosted by the Omaha Police Department’s Southeast Precinct. Additionally, she advocates for the Heron Haven Wildlife Sanctuary, coaches a Martial Arts Performance Team, and choreographs the team’s performances.

Most importantly, she cherishes spending time with her children, whether it is training together or taking time to photograph and enjoy sunsets, super moons, and wildlife!

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