Connie L. Thomas — Chief Executive Officer/Owner

Madisonville, LA—Prominently featured in The Inner Circle, Connie L. Thomas is acknowledged as a Top Pinnacle Professional for her contributions as an Entrepreneur in the Cosmetology and Mobile Home Manufacturing Industries.

Ms. Thomas began her career journey earning a cosmetology license and working as a hair designer at two salons. Having built a thriving business, Ms. Thomas opened her own salon, which helped her prepare for the competitive mobile home industry. Partnering with her former spouse to launch Victory Home Center, the couple spent more than 15 years developing the business. Ms. Thomas bought out the business in 2018, becoming the sole owner.

As the chief executive officer and owner of Victory Home Center, LLC, Ms. Thomas notes that her business is an independent retailer of prefabricated and manufactured homes serving clients throughout Louisiana. She has managed Victory Home Center since 2000 and has grown the business to become one of the largest retailers of its type in the United States. Her responsibilities include overseeing all financial functions; development and planning; and marketing. She also manages all bookkeeping and payroll operations; commission payouts; supervision of the company’s sales team; hiring; and creating marketing strategies.

Partnering with five manufacturers to offer clients premium manufactured homes in a variety of floor plans and sizes, Ms. Thomas and her staff offer new and custom single- and double-wide homes in addition to a selection of previously owned structures. She notes that they are proud to provide their clients with a wide range of affordable and luxury housing solutions.

Ms. Thomas is considered a regional celebrity with a larger-than-life persona and has built a strong brand identity for Victory Home Center, often appearing in commercials and other marketing. A testament to her influence, she recalls an instance where she was approached by a potential customer whose son had been impressed by her and her advertisements and wanted to meet her. She notes that what began as a friendly meeting gradually evolved into a business relationship, as the family returned two years later to purchase a home.

Credited with building the only single female-owned manufactured home dealership in the state, Ms. Thomas is proud to have developed Victory Home Center into a cornerstone of the Louisiana manufactured home market, and looks forward to continuing to build the business to better serve her clients, staff, and the communities that she helps to create. A leader in her field, Ms. Thomas has been featured in seven different magazines, including on the cover of Tangi Lifestyles, and is a frequent interviewee on local radio stations. She advises others looking to succeed in business to “do you— because they’re going to talk about you anyway,” and to chase success regardless of the opinions of others.
Aside from her professional pursuits, Ms. Thomas hopes to begin to cement her legacy in her field and to remain an inspiration to other entrepreneurial hopefuls. She is active in community charitable organizations and a supporter of her local law enforcement department. She credits her success in business and in life to the strength that she gains from her faith and her family, especially her daughter, who she considers to be a gift from God. In her personal time, Ms. Thomas enjoys spending time outdoors boating and riding her tractor.

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