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Dale Murray – Top Distinguished Engineer

Tucson, AZ — Dale Murray is being recognized in November 2020 by Continental Who’s Who as a Top Distinguished Engineer for his outstanding achievements in Engineering and his remarkable leadership at Defense Systems Engineering, LLC.

Dale Murray - Top Distinguished Engineer

Currently retired, Mr. Dale Murray is a well-seasoned and respected engineer, having demonstrated technical excellence in his field. He has also led an impressive career in government as a distinguished Civil Servant and Contractor, garnering a commendable reputation for his professional achievements. During his valuable years in government, Mr. Murray remained true to his core value ethics and did not give in to management’s pressures. Today, he continues to live by truth, integrity, and personal dedication to technical excellence in everything he does.

Throughout his extensive career, Mr. Murray has worked in over five major government Army Commands or organizations from 1967 to the end of his Civil Service portion of his career in 1983 in Huntsville, AL and Atlanta, GA. Between 1967 and 1980, he served as an electrical, electronics, and general engineer in the U. S. Army Aviation and Missile Command at RSA in Huntsville, Alabama. He then went on to join the U.S. Army Institute for Research in Management Information and Computer Sciences (AIRMICS) as a GS-13 Computer Specialist and as a senior project officer. Beginning in 1983, he performed systems engineering services for the Department of Defense as a government contractor and devoted the remaining 31 years to over ten major defense contractors from 1983 until his “forced retirement” in 2014. He retired after the last four successful years operating as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President of their Minority, Woman-Owned, Small Business, Defense Systems Engineering, LLC, with his wife that they founded in Huntsville AL in 2010 and transitioned to Tucson in 2014.

During his own career, he supported his wife’s massage career business as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for their Soul Massage Therapy, LLC business founded in Huntsville in 2009 and transitioned to Tucson in 2014. He had also worked in Tucson, AZ, on significant defense weapon systems contracts. He has brought valuable expertise to over 43 major Army, Navy, and Air Force defense weapons, systems, and project offices. Additionally, he took his expertise to Raytheon Missile Systems Company (RMS) as an E05, Principal Systems Engineer in Huntsville, AL. Later, he joined forces with his supervisor, Mr. Rick Makowski, to design the US, German, and Italian versions of the mobile Battle Management, Command, Control Communications, Computers and Intelligence (BMC4I) Tactical Operations Center (TOC). Subsequently, he partnered with TOC teams from those two countries. Furthermore, he excelled at Modern Technology Solutions, Inc. from 2003 to 2008 and Booz Allen Hamilton as a Senior Principal Systems Analyst and Test Engineer from 2008 to 2010.

In light of his academic achievements, Mr. Murray graduated top 10% with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering at Clemson University in 1967. He went on to earn a Master of Science in Information and Computer Science at the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1983.

An active member in the engineering industry, Mr. Murray maintained memberships with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) as a Life Senior Member since college, 1964 and IEEE CSMA/CD Ethernet 802.3 Network Standards Committee during the early 1980s. He also served as the Technical Program Chairman in the Conference on Distributed Computing Networks in Minneapolis. A well-respected expert in his field, Mr. Murray has contributed numerous articles to professional journals, including IEEE Communications Magazine.

As a testament to his professional excellence, Mr. Murray was inducted as a Citizen Ambassador Program member, People-to-People Delegation to China in Software Engineering, in 1983. He has also been listed in several global and national Who’s Who publications.

In addition to his engineering background, Mr. Murray was a former active Glider Pilot for over ten years. He enjoys blue’s music, baseball games, and sharing entertainment with his wife in his spare time. His interests include home computing technologies, networks, equipment, and home theater ultimate audio, video, and streaming technologies. He devotes his spare time working in an oversized garage workshop and repairing dirt driveways for neighbors with a full-sized Kubota tractor, trailer, and Ram Diesel truck for towing. An avid outdoorsman, Mr. Murray enjoys gardening work, which includes growing/maintaining a desert yard with trees, flowers, tomatoes, and peppers in spite of such a hostile desert environment, predator animals, and irrigation challenges. He also enjoys sunsets, grilling, and entertaining with meals prepared on a homemade super-advanced charcoal grill system on the patio.

Mr. Murray now participates in daily devotional sessions with God, Alma, and Daisy (their little 8 lbs mixed Chihuahua dog). He looks forward to continuing to serve God with the gifts He has given him, let others see Jesus in him and his life, and to continue to grow closer in fellowship with God, share His Blessings, and to find Peace and Joy in every aspect of his life.

Mr. Murray dedicates this honorable award recognition to his lovely wife from Mexico, Alma D. Vigueria Murray, “I cannot find words to tell you how much I love and appreciate you and your continuing love and support.” He also dedicates his success to his mentor, Mr. Rick Makowski, “who helped convince management to respect customers’ wishes.”

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