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Dani Korwin — Founder and Managing Director of Parts Models LLC

New York, NY — Dani Korwin is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as an Exceptional Business Professional in the Modeling Management field and as the Founder and Managing Director of Parts Models LLC.    

Ms. Korwin attended the State University of New York at New Paltz and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in art education in 1973. In 1986, she founded Parts Models LLC, the leading model management company representing models for specific body parts. The company provides models for hands, legs, feet, and other body parts, hence the organization’s name. Parts Models LLC works with leading advertisers and provides high-quality professional service. 

Ms. Korwin helps select models for commercial shoots, handles commercial advertising, interfaces with clients, and deals with payments and is considered an expert in modeling management. Ms. Korwin notes that her career success in this management field to her professionalism in ensuring the success of modeling shoots for Parts Models LLC, and to the talent of her models. She has been in the field for more than 35 years.

Ms. Korwin was a model herself, but chose not to pursue it as a career. When she started Parts Models LLC in the 1980s, there were no modeling agencies focused on specific body parts modeling, so she seized the opportunity to fill the niche.

Ms. Korwin was featured in Vogue Magazine in 2021. She has also appeared on numerous television programs on national broadcasting stations such as NBC, CNN, and CBS. She is also a benefactor and supporter of the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Arts at SUNY New Paltz and the Fisher Center at Bard College.

In the coming years, Ms. Korwin hopes to experience continued growth and success of her career as the founder and managing director of Parts Models LLC.

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