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David Kershner, M.S.P.A., D.M., Ph.D. – Top Chief Executive Officer

Omaha, NE – David Kershner, M.S.P.A., D.M., Ph.D., is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Top Chief Executive Officer for his professional excellence in the field of Family Medicine and acknowledgment for his leadership as Founder and CEO with Joshua Medical Centers.

David Kershner, M.S.P.A., D.M., Ph.D.

The experienced medical team at Joshua Medical Center are committed to offering the highest quality care for their patients’ well being, body, mind, and spirit. Well-recognized by its Omaha’s community, patients and visitors continuously commend the team for their devotion and compassionate care. Joshua Medical Center offers flu shots, minor illness treatments, minor injuries treatments, sports and school physicals, vaccines for children, physical exams, workman’s compensation, and more.

As a seasoned and trusted leader, Dr. Kershner has exceeded in operating the clinics at Joshua Medical Center for 20 years. Having accrued 26 years of professional excellence practicing medicine, he serves as a Family Medicine Doctor, specializing in Diabetes and Insulin Resistance Management. With a strong focus on Type 2 Diabetes, Dr. Kershner successfully designed and developed clinical laboratory testing for this disease. His devotion to identifying Insulin Resistance for proper diagnosis and treatment has led him to be widely recognized as a leading expert in Insulin Resistance. Dr. Kershner’s results of testing has been very successful in reversing Diabetes and Insulin Resistance in uncontrolled patients who have now gone on to lead healthy lives.

Before entering the medical field, Dr. Kershner served in the 1/4 CAV in the United States Army and is a combat veteran of Iraq. He continued his military career and was trained in Aero Space Medicine in the United States Air Force, served as a flight surgeon in the U.S. Air Force and continues to serve the military community at Offutt Air Force Base as a reservist. A veteran of over 30 years of service,  Dr. Kershner has spent the greater part of his medical career serving patients in the Omaha, Nebraska area.

An academic scholar, Dr. Kershner obtained his Bachelor of Science in pre-medical studies at Kay State University and his  M.S.P.A from the University of Nebraska Medical Center. To further his education, he also earned his Doctor of Medicine from St. Matthews College of Medicine, his PhD in neurology from the University of Nebraska Medical Center, and his PhD in Public Health & Epidemiology with a special focus in Endocrinology from Walden University. Additionally, Dr. Kershner completed his internal medicine residency at Creighton University.

A respected voice in his field, Dr. Kershner has published trailblazing research for NASA, strongly focusing on lumbar intrathecal ligaments in astronauts during micro gravity. Notably, this research has been published in various texts, and led him to receive his PhD in Neuroscience through the UNMC Interdisciplinary Graduate Program.

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