Deborah Delgado – Pinnacle Lifetime Achiever

Montgomery, NY – Deborah Delgado, Transformational Career Coach, is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Pinnacle Lifetime Achiever in the field of Consulting as the Founder of Deborah Delgado Coaching & Consulting.

Devoted to helping others, Ms. Delgado recently founded her coaching and consulting business. As a transformational career coach, she hosts working sessions aimed to help people reinvent themselves, encouraging personal and professional growth. She believes that like-minded people produce harmonious energy, supporting each other to reach goals far beyond their thoughts. One of her methods is to remember “the three P’s”: Pause, Practice, and Praise. Pause to catch yourself, practice to stay calm and let go, and praise to celebrate what you just achieved. She is bilingual, offering services in English and embracing the Spanish community by verbally translating presentations in Spanish when necessary.

Recently uploaded, the free webinar Unleash Your Inner Leader is now live. The program can help viewers uncover deep emotions, advance career opportunities, build plans for results, gain positive attention from supervisors, leverage a confidant partner, reposition individual brand, sell results to senior leaders, impact success, and celebrate success. At a testament to Ms. Delgado’s influence, clients commented on how she was a source of motivation and guidance, inspiring them to travel down new career paths. Her webinar is accessed at:

Ms. Delgado has adept leadership, team building, communication, visionary, and critical thinking skills. Before she opened her business, she worked at American Express for thirty years, serving as a director in multiple business units, where she gained experience in global project management, business development, risk, operations, and team building, amongst many other skills. On account of her decades of dedication, she learned how to design and execute large strategic initiatives in high pressure situations and to focus on continuous improvement through process and service model transformations. She now applies these influential skills to help others succeed.

In light of academic achievements, Ms. Delgado studied International Management at Pace University. She has continued expanding her knowledge, earning a Leadership Certification and Six Sigma Black Sponsor & Green Belt Certification.

Maintaining affiliations with prominent organizations, Ms. Delgado is a member of the International Association of Women (IAW), Hispanic Federation, and Women Unlimited. Ms. Delgado dedicates this recognition to Paul D. Fabara, Kim Goodman, Thomas Pojero, Beverly Anderson, Libby Michaelson, and Liza Graves.

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