Edwin Bashaw McClelland — Distinguished Name in Medicine

Merced, CA – Edwin Bashaw McClelland is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Distinguished Name in Medicine and in acknowledgment of his critical work on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Dating back to the earliest days of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. McClelland has been in the trenches of the war. While working in an Urgent Care clinic near Merced, he discovered two of the first three COVID-19 infections in Merced County. He was later appalled to learn that the afflicted 90-plus-years-old couple passed away in the local hospital after receiving delayed, therefore lethally inadequate, treatment due to bureaucratic entanglements. Dismayed by the CDC’s overall response to COVID-19, Dr. McClelland resolved to do everything in his power to heal his patients during their quarantine, i.e. before they became too sick to treat, before they were even permitted to go to the hospital. 

Dr. McClelland maintains that real doctors facing real emergencies always perform their sacredly sworn duty to save lives, even at their own risk. Since his earliest encounters with the virus, Dr. McClelland has spent well over 500 hours of his spare time learning everything he could about COVID-19. As a traveling/temporary (locum tenens) Family and Urgent Care Physician working in clinics all over California, he has helped scores of COVID-19 patients beat the disease. Dr. McClelland even saved the life of a fellow physician with COVID-19 in early 2020–through a single, impromptu “Telehealth” call. 

Dr. McClelland is now planning a very broad Telehealth-based concierge service to address crucial issues of COVID-19—from prophylaxis to outpatient therapy to long-term symptoms. Dr. McClelland points out that Integrative Medicine has provided physicians with powerful weapons in the war against the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Dr. McClelland started his college education at the University of Texas at Austin, graduating in 1973 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering. He worked as an engineer for eighteen years, earning the prestigious status of Registered Professional Engineer in 1997. After an eight-year career as a Process Engineer and Production Supervisor at the E.I. DuPont Company (1973-1981), he worked for ten years as a consulting engineer in Austin, first as a Senior Consultant at Espey, Huston & Associates (1981-1989) and then as Technical Manager of Austin Operations at the international firm Dames & Moore (1989-1991). At the two highly respected consulting firms, Dr. McClelland sharpened his Chemical Engineering design skills while adding years of experience in Civil and Environmental Engineering.  

Dr. McClelland enjoyed working with environmental attorneys in high-profile cases. He was officially certified as an Expert Witness in Federal Court for one such case. He was privileged to testify in a successful lawsuit by a private party against the EPA. Furthermore, Dr. McClelland had leading consulting roles in projects for Exxon’s Board of Directors and numerous other Fortune 500 clients including Mobil Oil, Georgia-Pacific, Diamond Shamrock, IBM, Motorola, Mitsubishi, and Saudi Aramco during his consulting career. He traveled from coast to coast in the U.S. and worked in Mexico, South Korea, and Japan. 

After his meteoric rise as a Professional Engineer, Dr. McClelland realized that he was ready for a change in the second half of his career. His faithful and supportive wife agreed that he would make an outstanding physician. Edwin Bashaw McClelland soon became the oldest student in the Class of 1995 at the historic University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. After earning his Doctorate in 1995, he entered and completed an internship in Internal Medicine at the Central Texas Medical Foundation at Brackenridge Hospital. 

Completing that internship in 1996 at the age of 45, Dr. McClelland was eager to start the public practice of medicine. Dr. McClelland started practicing in Central Texas, working at public and private clinics, including most of Austin’s urgent care clinics and hospital-owned family practice clinics. He has now practiced medicine for 25 years in Urgent Care, Family Practice, and Integrative Medicine. 

In 2002, one of Dr. McClelland’s cancer patients from Austin secured for him an invitation to work at the world-famous Livingston Foundation Medical Center in San Diego. The LFMC had been founded in 1969 by Dr. Virginia Livingston, a physician-scientist and expert microscopist who was a true pioneer in what is now known as Integrative Medicine, developing her protocol with the early assistance of her Immunologist husband, Afton Livingston, M.D.  After Dr. McClelland obtained his California Medical License, he joined the LFMC in 2003. The LFMC’s controversial but brilliant founder “Dr. Virginia” had passed away in 1990;  still, in his sojourn at the LFMC, Dr. McClelland saw riveting evidence that her immunity-boosting approach had been impressive for treating several chronic and complex diseases—especially cancer.  

After Dr. Virginia’s heirs made the surprising decision to close the LFMC in 2004, Dr. McClelland opened a new clinical business taking care of the LFMC’s worldwide clientele. In addition to servicing those active patients, Dr. McClelland accepted new patients from all over the globe, including a terminal patient whom he traveled to comfort in Indonesia. During that one-week visit to Indonesia, he was introduced to several top academicians and private physician-researchers—and he was subsequently invited back to Indonesia in a sponsored visit to give a university seminar on the microbial origins/co-factors for many cancer types. As Dr. McClelland’s reputation in Integrative Medicine grew by word of mouth, he was contracted to use his peculiar combination of engineering and medical skills to develop the feasibility study and master plan for a five-star medical resort in the island Republic of Mauritius.  

During an economic downturn overlapping the Bush and Obama administrations, Dr. McClelland decided to become a traveling doctor again. Since his laboratory-centered and educationally intensive immunotherapy clinic was not portable, he closed it in 2012, intending eventually to resume his scientifically updated version of Dr. Virginia’s Integrative Medicine protocol. In the present locum tenens phase of his medical career, Dr. McClelland has worked from the Mexican border to the Oregon border and numerous communities. He and his wife have been delighted to experience beautiful California’s diverse topography, climate zones, flora, and fauna. His current assignment is near Chico, while his home base is Merced.

Honored and awarded for his work, Dr. McClelland was recently identified by a well-respected online physician search organization as one of the Top Doctors in Merced, California. He won the Kuldip Singh Memorial Award for Excellence in Immunology Research (UTMB 1992) in medical school. He was elected to the national Tau Beta Pi and Omega Chi Epsilon Engineering Honor Societies in college. In high school, he won a National Merit Scholarship (1969).

In 2021, Dr. McClelland was recognized with a profile feature in Pro News Report and IssueWire. Outside of his clinical work, Dr. McClelland is collaborating with BioResearch Laboratories (Preston, Washington) in novel research centering on the bacterial pathogenesis of cancers. 

On a more personal note, Dr. McClelland is an avid reader. He especially enjoys studying the relationship between the Bible’s Old and New Testaments. He also speaks basic medical Spanish and basic conversational French, and he is now sharpening his skills in ancient Greek. If he ever retires from Medicine, he would like to pursue a Ph.D. in Classics.

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