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Eileen Mendel — Chief Executive Officer

Carlsbad, CA— Eileen Mendel is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Distinguished  Professional for her contributions as a strategic executive management consultant, radio talk show host, life coach, speaker, and entrepreneur.

Ms. Mendel earned a Bachelor’s degree in biology at Wesleyan University in 1980. She later obtained a master’s degree in marketing at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School of Management in 1991. She is a Certified Life Mastery consultant through Mary Morrissey’s Brave Thinking Institute.

Ms. Mendel serves as an executive business consultant and transformational life coach. She has more than three decades of expertise in the field of business management and entrepreneurship and is the founder of the Balanced Millionaire, a consulting firm that caters to the leaders of small to mid-sized businesses who seek to take their vision to the next level and achieve high growth, reduce stress and strike an effective balance between their career and personal life. According to Ms. Mendel, she offers proven strategies garnered through years of experience and delivers a unique road map to success for each client. Outside of her primary endeavors as a consultant, Ms. Mendel posts regularly to her blog on the subject of effective management. She has also served as the host of her own podcast and is often featured as a speaker and guest on multiple other shows.

Ms. Mendel initially worked in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. However, she was disappointed at the limited opportunities she had to expand the scope of her career. She served as the Chief Executive Officer of the Mendel Group Inc. during the 1990s and later worked in various positions of high leadership and management at Computer Assets, Deep Web Technologies, and Managing for Success LLC. Ms. Mendel became dedicated to self- empowerment through various seminars, programs and workshops, and presently works to convey those same skills to those hoping to follow her example.

Ms. Mendel credits her success to determination in reaching her goals. She hopes to continue serving as a positive role model for others to emulate, especially children coming into the age of adolescence. She would like to dedicate this honor with special thanks to her father, Walter Mendel.

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