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Elizabeth Ann Dallmayr, MD – Top General Practitioner

San Juan, PR — Elizabeth Ann Dallmayr MD, is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Top General Practitioner in the field of Medicine and acknowledgment of her professional excellence in her position with the Metro Pavia Health System in the Hospital Metropolitano Dr. Pila as the Emergency Room Subdirector.

Elizabeth Ann Dallmayr, MD - Top General Practitioner

As a highly experienced and respected general practitioner, Dr. Dallmayr has been practicing general medicine and emergency medicine since 2008.  She has garnered a well-deserving reputation for her compassion and commitment to providing the highest standard of patient-centered care.  In her current capacity, she sees patients at Hospital Metropolitano Dr. Pila in Ponce, Puerto Rico, where she offers her expertise in most of the different areas of medicine but has an attraction for trauma and brain bleeds.  She has demonstrated the highest level of professionalism and integrity at the hospital for eight years and continues to do so.  In the near future, she looks forward to offering services in telemedicine.

An academic scholar, Dr. Dallmayr’s acclaimed career began after she obtained her medical degree at Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara, and completed her internship at the Hospital Pavía Yauco.  Since then, she has remained up-to-date with the latest industry developments in her field by maintaining active affiliations with the American Medical Association and the Colegio de Médicos Cirujanos de Puerto Rico.

In light of her professional excellence, Dr. Dallmayr is the recipient of the Top Doctor Award and Women in Medicine Award.  She was highly recognized for her prompt intervention and teamwork coordination, delivering a baby in extraordinary circumstances in the parking lot of the Hospital Metropolitano Dr. Pila, achieving that mother and baby were released in optimum conditions.  Dr. Dallmayr was named on the list of Heroes of the Hospitals, for the hospital she is currently working at.

When she is not practicing medicine, Dr. Dallmayr enjoys aquatic sports, movies, reading and, most important, spending time with family and friends.  She helps others in any way that she can.  She was taught that you follow your dreams to reach your goals in life.  If you fall or find obstacles, you most get up and not let them hold you back.  Those things will make you stronger.

Dr. Dallmayr dedicates this recognition to her grandfather – Dr. José Vázquez Sanmartín, who inspired her to go into medicine: her mother and father – María de los Ángeles and Frederick Dallmayr, as her pillars, have always supported her in all means; and her husband – Rubén Fenollal Rodríguez, who has encouraged her given her line of work.

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