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Everett Mendelsohn, Ph.D. – Top Educator

Cambridge, MA — Everett Mendelsohn, Ph.D., is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Top Educator for his outstanding contributions in the field of Education and acknowledgment as a Retired Distinguished Professor at Harvard University.

A revered powerhouse in education, Dr. Everett Mendelsohn, is a retired professor, who taught students on the history of the life sciences at the distinguished Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Since 1960, Dr. Mendelsohn has been devoted his entire career to Harvard in the history department, accumulating over 50 years of experience.

Throughout his acclaimed teaching career, Dr. Mendelsohn served as the Chairman of the Science and History Department, and director of a research group on biomedical sciences. He continued to research the history of the life sciences and aspects of the social and sociological history of science, as well as the relations of science and modern societies.

Before being granted the opportunity to teach at Harvard, Dr. Mendelsohn graduated from the university earning his Doctor of Philosophy degree.

He is a former visiting fellow at Churchill College, a division of the University of Cambridge in England, and was an invited Fellow with the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute in Israel. Furthermore, he was also a visiting fellow with Zentrum for Interdisciplinary Forschung and Wissenschafts Holleg in Germany. Internationally recognized, Dr. Mendelsohn also taught as a professor invitee at the Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers in Paris.

In light of sharing his breadth of expertise, Dr. Everett Mendelsohn has published over a dozen books, sharing his research accomplishments in works such as “Heat and Life: The History of the Theory of Animal Heat” in 1964, ‘Human Aspects of Biomedical Innovation” in 1971, “Science in Culture” in 2001 and “Life Sciences Before the Twentieth Century: Biographical Portraits” in 2002, amongst numerous academic articles. Other career accomplishments include serving as a leading member of the editorial board of the Journal of Medicine and Social Epistemology, as well as several other professional journals. Looking to share his knowledge even further he later became the founder and editor of the journal of the History of Biology, and Founder of the Sociology of Sciences.

Dr. Everett Mendelsohn dedicates his success to his wife of 45 years, Mary B. Anderson.

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