Gaetan Delorme — Distinguished Executive

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada — Gaetan Delorme is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Distinguished Executive for his work in the Custom Cabinetry industry and in acknowledgment of his work as the President, Owner, and Operator of From the Cherry Tree LTD.

Since 1995, Mr. Gaetan Delorme has been creating custom cabinetry, and he is known for his high-quality cigar humidors. Mr. Delorme started his company, From the Cherry Tree LTD, in 1995, where he made custom furniture and completed high-end renovations. In 2008, Mr. Delorme expanded his brand, launching Delorme Humidors, where he crafts bespoke humidors for cigar and cannabis aficionados and in 2010 made Delorme Humidors a Canadian Trademark.

Delorme Humidors offers a selective product range, offering yearly updates to humidor models and working closely with customers on personalized projects. One of Mr. Delorme’s favorite projects was a cabinet humidor created in 2013 for a cigar aficionado. The large humidor cabinet holds approximately 3,000 cigars in long-term storage, held at a perfect humidity level. As always, working closely with the customer to ensure their satisfaction was a priority throughout the completion of the project. In 2014, Mr. Delorme took on a new project and crafted a custom-built adjustable pulpit made of solid black cherry and hard maple.

At From the Cherry Tree, Mr. Delorme has crafted custom desks, organizers, portable worktables, vanities, fireplace mantles, cremation urns, and other personalized special request items. He is proud to use only the finest quality wood and hardware to ensure all products will last a lifetime.

Before starting his companies, Mr. Delorme attended Algonquin College in 1991, where he was issued General Carpentry Credentials. He worked as a Carpenter’s Apprentice at Pritec Construction from 1988-1989, followed by a 3-year apprenticeship with Malcolm Gray Construction. He gained experience with steel wall partitions at Pritec and framing and interior finishing at Malcolm Gray Construction.

From the Cherry Tree is proud to have had eight co-op students from local high schools and two foreign summer exchange students from Finland – sponsored by La Cite Collegiale, a local trade College in Ottawa – over the past 20 years, teaching them the techniques of the trade. Six of them are still in the field today, two of which have their own construction company.

Mr. Delorme’s work has been featured on a TV appearance back in the ’90s for his heirloom wooden toys. He has most recently published some articles in local newspapers on keeping children safe when it comes to storing cannabis products safely. As a teenager, he enjoyed volunteering with the Green Valley Elementary School Youth Club and was later a member of the school PTA for years. He is also an active sponsor for Cannabis for Children International. Mr. Delorme’s hobbies include long walks with his wife of 38 years, listening to music, and reading about new innovations in his field.

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