George Timothy Stafford III — Distinguished Physician

West Columbia, SC — George Timothy Stafford III is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Distinguished Physician for his work as a General Surgeon.        

As a Physician and Surgeon for more than five decades, George Timothy Stafford III has dedicated his career to treating patients in the US and abroad. After working in the US Army as a Physician, he later specialized in General Surgery.

Dr. Stafford attended the University of Alabama Medical School, earning a Medical degree in 1964. He next completed an internship in 1965 at the University of Alabama Medical Center, later followed by a General Surgery residency at the Lloyd Noland Hospital completed in 1971. He is board-certified in General Surgery by the American Board of Surgery (ABS). The ABS certifies surgeons who have met the standards of General Surgery education, training, and knowledge. He is certified by the Surgical Association in Taiwan.

Throughout his 50+-year-long medical career, Dr. Stafford treated patients in Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, Alabama, Vietnam, and Taiwan. He has worked in Pediatric healthcare and Adult healthcare. With surgery training he performed procedures to treat gallbladder disease, gastric disease, pancreatic disease, intestinal issues, and abdominal wall neoplasms. Surgeries often involved the stomach, small bowel, colon, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, appendix, thyroid gland, or bile ducts, and in early years in Taiwan it was necessary to do some orthopedic, gynecological, difficult wound care and various other procedures. Continuing outpatient care sometimes included mobile mountain clinics. He received a bronze star in the army, and a Remote Area Services Award from the president of Taiwan, where the Taitung Christian Hospital continues to serve under a national board and administration.

He served the United States Army as a Physician, traveling internationally to provide medical care. Assigned to Vietnam for augmenting the provincial hospitals, he gained experience in pediatric health care, then in preventive medicine at Fort Benning. Dr. Stafford has also traveled on short-term medical mission trips to underserved areas.

In 2013 Dr. Stafford entered retirement, and later moved to South Carolina. The doctor has remained involved in the medical field and continuing education, speaking and counselling. He has been recognized for his professional excellence by IssueWire.

Dr. Stafford attributes his successful career, motivation and standards in medicine to his strong Christian faith. As he enjoys his retirement, Dr. Stafford is involved with his local church, particularly in missions and Bible Study. He loves to spend time with his four adult children and their families.

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