Gerald W. Papilion – Executive Vice President

Crosby, TX— Prominently featured in The Inner Circle, Gerald Papilion is acknowledged as a Pinnacle Life Member for his contributions to the field of Industrial Services.

Mr. Papilion pursued higher education at Warren National University where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and Leadership in 2008. With more than 34 years in the field, the businessman has served as Executive Vice President of Sales and Operations in the industrial services and soft craft sector since 2015.

Recognized as an expert in the field, Mr. Papilion asserts that he gained experience working from the group up and acquiring in-depth knowledge of the business. He has many accomplishments during his career, including a dedication to mentorship; aiding employees reach professional goals through guidance and support; and his commitment to integrity and ethical decision-making of which he said he always strives to do what is right.

A testament to his advance knowledge of the field, Mr. Papilion is currently writing a comprehensive narrative that combines elements of his life story and serves as an instructional guide. With this project, he aims to provide readers with valuable insights and guidance based on their experiences and expertise. When considering his career, Mr. Papilion attributes his success to two key factors: having strong mentors and actively listening and emulating their guidance. He said that by surrounding himself with experienced individuals who serve as mentors, he has been able to gain valuable insights and learn from their expertise. He also emphasizes the importance of attentive listening and implementing the lessons learned from these mentors, which has contributed significantly to his achievements.

Dedicated to civic responsibility as well as professional pursuits, Mr. Papilion is affiliated with the American Safety Society, and the Knights of Columbus, where he held Sir Knight’s esteemed 4th Degree designation. Looking to the future, Mr. Papilion said that he has set ambitious goals for himself, which include elevating the company to new heights; fostering its growth; and ultimately establishing his enterprise. His vision encompasses taking the current company to unprecedented success while actively working towards owning and operating his business.

Aside from his professional responsibilities, Mr. Papilion enjoys various activities, including golfing, hunting, and traveling.

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