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Guillermo Carlesso — Trusted Professional

Bellport, NY — Guillermo Carlesso is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Trusted Professional for his work in the field of Mechanical Production and in recognition of his work at AGC Machine Corp.

With over 40 years as a Machinist, Guillermo Carlesso is a respected name in Mechanical Production. Mr. Carlesso founded AGC Machine Corp in 2005. The company is currently located in a 12,000 square foot facility in Long Island, NY. They provide superior customer service with cost-effective and personalized services for businesses of all sizes.

AGC Machine Corp. serves many industries, including aerospace, architecture and bridges, oil and water pumps, packing systems, printing industry, robotics, and rail measurement systems. To create in-house custom orders, Mr. Carlesso and his team have an ample supply of high-quality alloys, bronze, brass, carbon steel, and more. He is used to quick-turnaround projects and personalized services to match any job. In addition to manufacturing metal components, AGC Machine Corp. also offers testing, finishing, assembly, and final integrations of products. Mr. Carlesso and his team can ship their products worldwide.

Mr. Carlesso loves a challenge, and enjoys making custom parts that are hard to for companies to find. He recently created a part in three weeks, which was supposed to have taken six months to manufacture. His four-person team is comprised of top engineers and technicians with experience in creating top-quality products that comply with rigorous industry standards.

He is proud to have doubled the size of his business from when he first began in 2005, growing the plant size from 6,000 sq. ft. to 12,000 sq. ft. With customer service as his main objective, Mr. Carlesso has received many customers through word-of-mouth and because of his reputation for creating parts that are difficult to manufacture. He knows that the demands of the manufacturing industry are constantly changing, and he continues to learn about new types of products to stay up-to-date. AGC Machine Corp. is located at 28 Sawgrass Drive in Bellport, NY.

Before starting his career, he first attended college, and earned an Associate’s degree. In addition, Mr. Carlesso is IS 9100 and 9000 Certified.

Looking to the future, Mr. Carlesso hopes to obtain government contracts for his company. He looks forward to expanding the company, as well as creating new networking connections, for many years to come.

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