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Harry H. Kazakian — Private Investigator

Woodland Hills, CA- Harry H. Kazakian is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Distinguished Professional for his contributions in legal and investigative services.

Mr. Kazakian holds a private investigator’s certificate from the School of Private Investigations, which he earned in 2001. He was certified in phlebotomy in 1983 by the California Association of Paramedical Schools, and in 1982 he was certified as an emergency medical technician by the Associated Technical College. Through the United Latino Students Association, Mr. Kazakian is a certified criminal defense investigator. Mr. Kazakian has experience working as a high exposure claims adjuster for the Automobile Club of Southern California from 1989 to 2010. From 1982 to 1997, he worked as an emergency medical technician in Glendale, California and Los Angeles County.

Mr. Kazakian is the founder, president, and chief executive officer of USA Express Legal & Investigative Services. He also serves as a private investigator and claims adjuster. He oversees day to day operations, directs investigations, oversees and reviews reports to determine future actions on each case, determines the cause of wrongful deaths and ensures justice for victims.  Additionally, he has been an article writer for Forbes.

Mr. Kazakian has been recognized for providing education and guidance to clerical support by the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles. He attributes his success to his dependability, hard work, honesty, and willingness to always make himself accessible to clients. In the coming years, Mr. Kazakian plans to merge his business with a larger company. He also hopes to train and mentor more investigators to preserve his legacy.

 Mr. Kazakian would like to give special thanks to his wife, Gina Kazakian, with whom he has been married 30 years.

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