Henry Kaiser – Chairman Emeritus

Portland, OR – Prominently featured in The Inner Circle, Henry Kaiser is acknowledged as a Pinnacle Life Achiever 2024 for his contributions to Healthcare Project Management.

Mr. Kaiser, a seasoned professional investor and leader in healthcare project management, is driving innovation in mental health advocacy and public health initiatives. With a diverse background spanning executive roles and advisory positions, Mr. Kaiser brings a wealth of expertise to his current roles as chairman emeritus of the board of directors for Thomsen’s, Inc. and strategic advisor for 3H Bio.

Thomsen’s, Inc., under Mr. Kaiser’s guidance, focuses on addressing global public health issues, particularly in high-traffic public spaces. Mr. Kaiser’s commitment to mental health is evident through his involvement in the Neurofeedback Advocacy Project and his role in advocating for mental health initiatives within the community.

Educationally, Mr. Kaiser holds an MBA in marketing from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business and a PsyD in clinical psychology from Meridian University. His certifications as a certified alcohol and drug counselor further underscore his dedication to addressing critical healthcare needs.

Throughout his illustrious career, Mr. Kaiser has achieved numerous milestones, including writing business plans, leading reconstruction efforts in Nicaragua after an earthquake, and contributing to the formation of Thomsen’s Inc.’s initial board of directors. His published work, “Inheritance Lost- Heritage Transformed,” adds to his legacy of thought leadership.

Looking ahead, Mr. Kaiser remains committed to driving growth and success in healthcare project management and mental health advocacy. His multifaceted expertise and unwavering dedication continue to make a profound impact on healthcare innovation and community welfare.

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