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Ira J. Schaer, Ph.D. – Pinnacle Lifetime Achiever

Huntington Woods, MI – Ira J. Schaer, Ph.D., is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Pinnacle Lifetime Achiever in the field of Medicine as a Psychologist and Forensic Psychologist at his Private Practice.

Offering expert psychological services at 26789 Woodward Avenue, Dr. Schaer is a top psychologist in the greater Detroit area. He has served at his private practice since 1977. He loves his job, getting a silent gratification when the patient improves. He offers services to diverse people and ages, having attained expertise in adolescent psychology and forensic psychology.

Always interested in helping abused and physically hurt children, Dr. Schaer worked at a camp for abused and mentally impaired children when he was a teenager. He has been highly successful on account of his sheer tenacity and bullheadedness, overcoming obstacles and frustrations. He advises aspiring psychologists that, “It’s a very long haul from your master’s degree to the PhD. You better damn well love what you’re doing and have a fervor and passion for it.”

In recognition of academic success, Dr. Schaer attended the University of Windsor in Ontario for a doctorate degree.

Dr. Schaer dedicates this recognition to his wonderful wife Cheryll Schaer; “thank you for your love and support.”

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