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Jamaal “Jay” Sampson — Trusted Professional

Joint Base Andrews, MD —  Jamaal “Jay” Sampson is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Trusted Professional for his dedication in the Real Estate field and in acknowledgment of his role at WeWork.              

In his current role at WeWork, Jamaal “Jay” Sampson leads the relationship between the We Company and the Department of Defense. He has been working as the Account Director for Federal Sales in Defense, Aerospace, and Intelligence since January 2021. Mr. Sampson’s expertise lies in workspace modernization development, executing effective marketing campaigns, and directing contractual opportunities toward success. He has been working in the Real Estate profession for four years, and is guided by 15 years of experience in Information Technology.

WeWork makes it easy to find a convenient, stylish workplace. The company boasts a global portfolio with over 800 locations across the world. They offer clean environments and flexible commitments that are custom-tailored to suit each client’s needs. Along with collaborating with the Department of Defense, WeWork has worked with Pfizer, Samsung, Visa, Zoom, Microsoft, and many other companies to create exceptional workspaces. They offer customizable solutions, including office space for up to twenty people, individual desk spaces, open workplaces, event spaces, and much more.

To prepare for his career, Mr. Sampson attended Norfolk State University, earning his Bachelor of Arts degree in History. He then served in the United States Army from 2008-2013, guiding IT systems strategy and executive-level project management as a US Army Sergeant and as a Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge (NCOIC) for XVIII ABN Corps HQ. He says, “Our warfighters deserve the best tools to get the job done. It’s my personal mission to help provide that at every step.”

In other career roles, Mr. Sampson worked as a Senior Computer Analyst/VTC Bridge Engineer for the Environmental Protection Agency, Senior VTC Analyst and Technician for Venable LLP, Business Development Facilitator at TDMK Digital, and IT Administrator/Facility Manager at Kessel Run Experimentation Labs. In recognition of his exceptional work, Mr. Sampson has been awarded as an Honorary Member of the Kessel Run Jedi Council, and is a Prince Hall Freemason.

In the future, he looks forward to strengthening his network and creating more collaboration. He strongly believes in leveraging relationships to yield advantageous outcomes both for the United States and its supporting enterprise network. He believes a key in his success has been his good friends in the DOD who have a like-minded strategic approach.

On a personal note, Mr. Sampson enjoys spending time with his family, including his six daughters. He would like to dedicate this honorable recognition to retired Major Matthew Nelson, and his mentor Traug Keller.

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