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James P. Embrey — Cyber Security

Carlisle, PA—Prominently featured in The Inner Circle, James P. Embrey is acknowledged as a Most Trusted Professional for his contributions to the field of Cyber Security.

Mr. Embrey earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Journalism from Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania. He works at Revature specializing in Multimedia Information Technology and Cyber Security, and also does software development and helps produce music. According to Mr. Embrey, Revature has a training program to hire, develop, and deploy top talent including those who are well-versed in leading-edge and next-gen technologies.

Mr. Embrey is considered an expert in the technology field, which includes telecom communications; multimedia; information technology; engineering; digital media; electronics; computer programming; project development; broadcasting; television; website design; radio; and arts and sciences. According to Mr. Embrey, he has a reputation for being efficient; attentive; team- and goal-oriented; good at problem solving; creative; ambitious; and tech savvy. He has also published two STM Academic Journals.

In his free time, he enjoys fitness, programming, audio and video, and music production.

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