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Jasmine Kearse, MD — Psychiatrist & CEO

Snellville, GA — Jasmine Kearse, MD, is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as an Exceptional Woman in Healthcare in the Medical field, acknowledging her outstanding work with Aligned Cognition Healthcare Services.        

With 10 years of experience practicing medicine, Jasmine Kearse is a psychiatrist and the chief executive officer of Aligned Cognition Healthcare Services PC, which she founded four years ago. She is also Clinical Director and Principal Investigator for Renew Healthcare.

After initially obtaining a Bachelor of Science in biology in 2005 from Georgia State University in Atlanta, Dr. Kearse continued her education with a Medical Doctor (M.D.) degree from the Medical University of the Americas in Charlestown, Nevis, in 2011. When Dr. Kearse was in medical school, she wanted to pursue emergency medicine or internal medicine as a specialty. However, when she had her psychiatric rotation, she became interested in mental health and fell in love with the field.

Dr. Kearse provided superior care as a resident physician with Bergen New Bridge Medical Center from 2012 to 2015 and staff psychologist with Anchor Hospital from 2015 to 2021. Since 2018, Dr. Kearse has excelled as chief executive officer and psychiatrist with Aligned Cognition Healthcare Services PC and as a psychiatrist with Salveo Integrative Health since 2020. In addition, she has served as medical director with Renew Health Clinical Research since 2021.

As a psychiatrist, the doctor specializes in seeing patients with schizophrenia, depression, and anxiety. She also specializes in medication management, psychotherapy, psychological assessment, and cognitive assessment. Dr. Kearse is board certified in allopathic medicine by the Georgia Medical Board and Harvard Global Mental Health Trauma and Recovery. Her professional memberships include the Atlanta Medical Association, the National Medical Association, and the American Psychiatric Association.

In addition to running her practice and working as Clinical Director for Renew Healthcare, she also writes mental health books. In 2022, Dr. Kearse published “To Whom It May Concern: Thoughts from a Psychiatrist.” Just recently, she published “Hues of Mental Illness,” which is an adult mental health coloring book

The doctor attributes her success to her strong faith and her family for their support and encouragement. She knew she wanted to be a doctor for as long as she could remember. Her grandfather bought her first medical book when she was five. Dr. Kearse is most proud of her ability to balance her career and life as a physician, an author, and a single parent.

In the coming years, the doctor hopes to be able to start courses as part of expanding her practice specifically for caregivers and patients. She also hopes to be involved in large-scale, wide-ranging speaking engagements to reach and educate more people about mental health and illness. In addition, Dr. Kearse hopes in the future to be in a place where she can have a platform to assist people of color who aspire to have careers in healthcare to achieve their goals.

Outside of work, Dr. Kearse devotes her free time to being a mom and enjoying many activities with her seven-year-old daughter. They love doing crafts and painting.

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