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Modesta, CA — Jesua Law DO is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Top Orthopedist for his exemplary contributions in orthopedics and his professional excellence at Valley Orthopaedic Bone and Joint.   

Proudly serving the California Central Valley and beyond, Valley Orthopaedic Bone and Joint are dedicated to prioritizing their patients and providing the highest quality healthcare. The highly skilled physicians and staff collectively have over 200 years’ experience and advanced training, treating various conditions and musculoskeletal issues.

Dr. Jesua Law, a highly-skilled Adult Reconstruction specialist, has been proudly serving Modesto, California at Valley Orthopaedic Bone and Joint for over five years. He specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of injuries, diseases, and disorders of the body’s musculoskeletal system; most specifically the hip and knee. Dedicated to excellence, Dr. Law is highly qualified to operate at least three different robotic knee systems, a myriad of navigation systems and is well-versed in partial knee replacement surgery.

During his undergraduate years, Dr. Law first decided he wanted to be a physician when he learned that his professor had Lyme disease but was misdiagnosed. After several misdiagnoses she became paralyzed due to lack of treatment. As an anatomy professor, she demanded excellence from her premed students. This experience solidified Dr. Law’s decision to go into the medical field shortly after. To prepare for his distinguished medical career, Dr. Law began his medical training at Oklahoma State University, where he graduated with honors as a Doctor of Osteopathy and top of his class as the President of the Honors Society. He continued his training at Valley Orthopedic Surgery residency in Modesto, CA, where he learned general orthopedic principles in sports, complex hand reconstruction and trauma. Committed to refining his training, Dr. Law completed two fellowships with world renowned Adult Reconstruction orthopedic surgeons, both in Adult Reconstruction surgery.

An active philanthropist, Dr. Law, is passionate about treating the underserved. He has completed two philanthropic medical trips to San Salvador, El Salvador, and was scheduled to perform a 3rd trip to Guatemala but unfortunately his 3rd trip was canceled due to COVID.  He maintains contacts in El Salvador, Guatemala and is building a relationship with an underserved community hospital in Mexico.  Dr. Law joined the faculty of Valley Orthopedic Surgery residency and often gives lectures to younger doctors and mentors them to become orthopedic surgeons.  Dr. Law aspires in the near future to give lectures to the community regarding bone and joint health.

In his spare time, Dr. Law enjoys spending time with his children. He also enjoys hiking, indoor rock climbing, and scuba diving. He is working on finishing his lessons to obtain his pilot’s license.

Dr. Law dedicates this honorable recognition to the following: Dr. Aaron Hofmann, with whom he completed a fellowship; Drs. Adolph Lombardi and Keith Berend with whom he completed a fellowship; all of whom are designers of hip and knee implants. Dr. Law takes pride in having gained so much knowledge from these fine mentors. “If I have seen farther than others, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” -Sir Isaac Newton

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