Jill Platt

Jill Platt – Top Leadership Professional

Scottsdale, Arizona — Jill Platt is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Top Leadership Professional for her remarkable contributions in the field of Education and in acknowledgment of her outstanding achievement as the First Female President & Principal at Notre Dame Preparatory.

Jill Platt

A Diocesan Catholic High School, Notre Dame Preparatory is dedicated to upholding their mission of ”the promotion of academic excellence and the pursuit of holiness through the shared values of Reverence, Respect, & Responsibility, out of love for Jesus Christ.” Instilling a strong spiritual foundation, Ms. Platt and her staff continuously provide a safe environment for students to feel loved and supported in their physical and social-emotional development while also learning the Catholic faith. Through innovation and visionary focus, student-centered learning opportunities and resources are designed to develop the mind, body, and soul.

Leading an impressive career for 26 years, Ms. Platt encompasses vast knowledge and experience in teaching and academic administration as an executive leader and strategic developer. Her acclaimed career began as a teacher and registrar for Xavier College Preparatory from 1994-1998. Later, she transferred to Brophy College Preparatory, working as an educational technology administrator from 1998 until the mid-2000s. Shifting to academic administration, Ms. Platt served as vice-principal of Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School;  an associate principal of Gorden Tech High School and the vice principal of Alphonsus Academy & Center for the Arts. In more recent years, Ms. Platt has gained valuable expertise in her role as an adjunct professor at DePaul University. She had also thrived as the president and principal of All Hallows Academy.

An academic scholar, Ms. Platt completed her undergraduate studies at Northern Arizona University where she earned her Bachelor of Science in speech communication and business. In 2001, continued her studies with a Master of Education in Curriculum and instruction from Arizona State University. Later, she graduated from Loyola University obtaining her Master of Education in Educational Leadership and Administration in 2009.

Remaining abreast of the latest industry developments, Ms. Platt maintains active affiliations with the National Catholic Educators Association, the Principals Round Table for Growing Leaders and the National Association for Secondary Principals.

In recognition of her early professional successes, Ms. Platt was presented with the Technology Integration Award from the National Catholic Educators Association in 2000.

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