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John A. Joannes — Trusted Attorney

Pasadena, CA — John A. Joannes, is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Trusted Attorney in the field of law as an Attorney and at John A. Joannes PC.

John A Joannes has been practicing in the field of law for 50 years. Throughout his career, he has developed a special interest primarily in immigration law. He wants to assist others in the process of coming into the United States by making it as easy as possible for them. Specializing in Immigration Law, his practice also deals with Family, Performers & Business Law.

Highly educated, he earned his Juris of Doctor degree, he also earned his Master’s Degree at the University of Southern California. He has since remained affiliated with American Immigration Association. A published author, Mr. Joannes has appeared as an expert witness and lectured on numerous matters involving general law. He has also co-authored the Immigration Reform and Control Art Handbook.

This recognition is in dedication to his wife of 40 years, Barbara Joannes.

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