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John A. McGeary — Distinguished Executive

Coral Springs, FL — John A. McGeary is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Distinguished Executive in the field of Wastewater Treatment and in acknowledgment of his work at the Water Reclamation Facility.

As a professional with over 43 years in the Wastewater Treatment industry, John A McGeary has dedicated his career to the water reclamation profession. He earned an Associate of Arts degree in Economics and an Associate of Science degree in Pollution Control from Broward College. He is additionally certified with an A-Class operator’s license in the state of Florida.

He began his career at the George T. Lohmeyer Wastewater Treatment Plant in Fort Lauderdale, FL, where he remained for over three decades. Mr. McGeary then became the Chief of Operations of the Water Reclamation Facility in Davie, FL, in 2013.

Throughout the years, as the effects of environmental climate change worsened, Mr. McGeary became an advocate for environmental awareness and wastewater awareness. He has become a leader in this field, and trained more than 50 people to become licensed in this important industry. Mr. McGeary gives community tours of the plant to educate college students about wastewater treatments and spread awareness.

Mr. McGeary and his colleagues were recognized by Treatment Plan Operator magazine in 2017 for their steps taken to address potable water restrictions using the award-winning MBR-based water reclamation center. In the article, “Experience Pays Off for Operators at New Facility,” Mr. McGeary detailed the brand new facility’s equipment and upgrades.

The facility was honored with the David York Award, recognizing it as the best performing facility of its size while under Mr. McGeary’s leadership. He has personally been awarded the Joseph V. Towry Award from the Florida Water and Pollution Control Operators Association, and is a six-time winner of the State of Florida Operators Challenge.

He would like to dedicate this honorable recognition to his mother, Evelyn B. Morgan.

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