John C. Thibault — President of SkyMax Network

Lowell, MA — John C. Thibault is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Distinguished Professional in the Telecommunications field, acknowledging his exemplary work at the helm of SkyMax Network.

With decades of outstanding business leadership to his credit, Mr. Thibault is the President of SkyMax Network, a multinational 5G wireless communications engineering company. SkyMax Network is headquartered in Maryland with offices and operations in London and Nairobi, Kenya. Throughout his impressive career, Mr. Thibault has specialized in communications and technology.

SkyMax Network’s products and technologies are designed to be used in a variety of markets and industries, including e-Development, energy, field service, healthcare, industrial and infrastructure, mobile computing and consumers, networking, sales, and payment and security. It also maintains a network of experts in mobile broadband and M2M integration to support customers worldwide.

Reflecting on his success and natural leadership abilities, Mr. Thibault considers his proudest achievements the recruitment and retention of great teams and building great corporate cultures. His greatest professional accomplishment has been building GeoTel Communications, a company that was bought by Cisco Systems for $2.2B. He also founded Virtual Iron Software and sold that company to Oracle. Now retired, he hopes to build one more great company.

Among his awards and accolades, Mr. Thibault was named CEO of the Year by the Massachusetts Network Communications Council.

Outside of his professional work, Mr. Thibault founded the Thibault Family Foundation, a philanthropic organization helping children and families.

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