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Hon. Judith-Rae E. Ross, Ph.D. – Top Notable Voice

Skokie, IL — Hon. Judith-Rae E. Ross, Ph.D., is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Top Notable Voice for her outstanding contributions in the field of Journalism as a Writer, Historian, Educator, and Editorial Board Member of the Journal of Political Marketing.

A respected voice in her field, Dr. Judith-Rae E. Ross has led a prominent career for 57 years. She has garnered valuable knowledge and professional experience as a journalist, correspondent, and author. Passionate to share her breadth of expertise, she has created courses in women’s studies at DePaul University for the Department of History, and served as the Instructor of History at Oakton Community College and visiting professor at the University of Illinois. An active member of her community, she also served numerous political roles, including an elective office.

Throughout her acclaimed career, Dr. Ross educated the public about events and issues and how they affected their lives as a notable journalist. Having presented over 1,000 papers worldwide, Dr. Ross has presented political marketing papers across the region of Poland in 1999 at a conference attended by President Lech Walesa, and other writings on the Holocaust, and Chicago’s cultural history. She is currently writing her fifth book. Dr. Ross had to row against the tide in all the fields she has worked. Although this wasn’t easy, it made her a stronger person. Many people told her she couldn’t do the things she wanted to do and did them anyway with a smile. When asked, Ross advises anyone who has had someone try to step on their dream, just to smile, then say, “watch me.”

Alongside her roles as a historian, educator, journalist, correspondent, and author, Dr. Ross is very active with her synagogue, Ezra Habonim Niles Township Jewish Congregation. While an elected Niles Township Trustee she spearheaded the creation of a child care center that helped over 1000 children and lasted 24 years.

An academic scholar, Dr. Ross completed her undergraduate studies with a Bachelor of Arts degree in ancient and early medieval history from Michigan State University. She became interested in history as a freshman. Soon thereafter, she went on to earn her Master of Arts in medieval history, and the Tudor/Stewart era, from Loyola University. Since earning her Ph.D. in 19th century French historiography, Dr. Ross is a Lifetime member of Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society and has served as President of her local chapter.

Dr. Ross enjoys spending time with her husband Mr. Allan B. Ross of 52+ years attending operas and symphonies, and other musical events. She’s also fiendishly proud of their son and two granddaughters. When time allows, she creates jewelry.

Dr. Ross dedicates her success to her husband, Allan Ross, and in memory of her dissertation director, Stanley Mellon, Ph.D.

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