Kandy Kaye Horn, MBA, CEO — CEO

Houston, TX— Prominently featured in The Inner Circle, Kandy Kaye Horn, MBA, CEO, is acknowledged as a Top Pinnacle Professional for her contributions to the Business and Nonprofit Industries.

Ms. Horn earned a BBA degree in Business Administration at Texas Christian University in 1978; an MBA at the University of Texas, Arlington; and an honorary degree for Texas A & M. She is considered an expert in many areas, including entrepreneurship; mortgage banking; trucking industry; nonprofit founder; and CEO. A humanitarian, Ms. Horn is dedicated to providing support to those in need.

Dedicated to service, Ms. Horn is affiliated with St. Mary’s Church; St. Louis Catholic Church; Salvation Army Greater Houston; Salvation Army Marquette County; Catholic Charities; and Living Water. She has a plethora of additional organizations that she is a member, including Baker Institute of Public Policy, Rice University; Baroness Kandy Kaye Horn Foundation LLC; Career and Recovery Resources; Golf Coast Mensa, Inc. / American Mensa (life member); Harvard Business School; Houston Food Bank (board member); Interfaith Ministries (board member); Junior League of Houston; Kiwanis Club International; Lions Club; Meals on Wheels of Greater Houston (board member); Pete Ricketts for Nebraska Governor (campaign worker); Rotary Club International; Texas A&M University Memorial; Student Center (contributor); Texas Christian University; Texas Mortgage Bankers Association (past president); The Salvation Army USA; The University of Texas at Arlington; Toastmasters International (graduate); various Hebrew and Christian Organizations; and various Texan Nursing Schools (board member).

A revered business woman and philanthropist, Ms. Horn has received several awards and honors for her service, including Honoree, Distinguished Worldwide Humanitarian Award (2023); Inductee, Top Professionals of the Year, Marquis Who’s Who (2023); Recipient, Texas State Brokers License (1987)
Provider, President’s Endowed Scholarship, Texas A&M University; and Provider, Two Full Scholarships, Brite Divinity School, Texas Christian University.

Reflecting on her many careers, Ms. Horn considers starting several successful businesses’ major milestones. She asserts that she successfully operates by living by her philosophy that “you can be successful and make a difference if you concentrate, work hard, save money, and give back”. In her spare time, the entrepreneur enjoys reading; travel, especially to Graceland; and humanitarian missions. She would like to dedicate this honor to her mother, Edna Mae Smith, in loving memory and thanks her for her love and support. Looking to the future, Ms. Horn plans to keep doing what she is doing.

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