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Katalin M. Reimann, LMA — Pinnacle Business Professional

Pittsburgh, PA — Katalin M. Reimann, LMA, is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Pinnacle Business Professional for her work in Aesthetics and Holistic Wellness and in acknowledgment of her success with Quantium Klinik Beauty & Wellness.

A Holistic Health Practitioner with 42 years of experience in her field, Ms. Reimann serves as the Founder and President of Quantum Klinik Beauty & Wellness, a medical spa offering natural, gentle, holistic approaches to maintaining health and beauty without the use of harsh chemicals or treatments. In her work, Ms. Reimann focuses on health and wellness coaching, nutrition advice, emotional support, physical fitness, frequency healing, and beauty techniques.

 Among its services, Quantum Klinik offers Endosphères Therapy and Cryoskin treatments designed to tighten and sculpt the skin of the face and body. Some services offered are reflexology, Solex wellness and health scan, nutritional counseling, color, light, pain management massage therapies, the newest BallancerPro detox and lymphatic massager, and Plason-Plasma facials for effectively treating teenage and adult acne.

Ms. Reimann is a certified Transitional Lifestyle and Wellness Coach. She is also a contributing author of the 2020 book entitled “Integrating Holistic Health and Wellness Practices for Optimal Health For Your Body, Mind, and Spirit.”

 A native of Hungary, she was a long-time resident of Germany before moving to the United States and becoming a U.S. citizen. In Dresden, Germany, she began her higher education pursuit at the Medical-Vocational School of Dresden City Hospital and completed her studies in Dermatology and Nutrition in 1984. She holds a certification as a Transitional Lifestyle and Wellness Coach with additional training in Medical Aesthetics, Iridology, Reflexology, and Massage Therapy and provides specialized one-on-one services.

 Earlier in her career, Ms. Reimann was the owner of Spa New Life and Spa Results from 1989 to 1995. She participated in Landmark Education from 1997 to 2004 and worked as a coach for Peak Potentials from 2007 to 2009. Additionally, she owned and operated Golden Spoon Spa from 1999 to 2009.

 She is a cancer survivor and cites Louise Hay as a significant influence in her life and why she transitioned her career focus to a holistic approach. She enjoys giving back to others and sharing her knowledge of fitness and wellness, often citing her motto: “Make America Skinny & Well Again.”

 Among her professional affiliations, she is a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and the NASTO.

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