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Ketino Karakalidi, Ph.D., LAC

Los Angeles, CA – Ketino Karakalidi, Ph.D., LAC, is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Pinnacle Professional in the field of Medicine as an Acupuncturist at Ketino Karakalidi Acupuncture Clinic.            

Located at 5250 Santa Monica Blvd #301, Ketino Karakalidi Acupuncture Clinic provides expert acupuncture and witness services. Dr. Karakalidi’s areas of expertise include personal injury and worker’s compensation.

Backed by twenty years of experience, Dr. Karakalidi is a top acupuncturist in Los Angeles County. When asked why she has been so successful, she states, “I get good results with treatments.”

In preparation for her career, Dr. Karakalidi attended the University Oriental Medicine Los Angeles.

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