Kevin R. Spencer — President and CEO of Rod Plus Solutions

Miami, FL — Kevin R. Spencer, CEO, is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Top Pinnacle Executive in the Technology Services field and in acknowledgment of his professional excellence as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Rod Plus Solutions.

Mr. Spencer serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Rod Plus Solutions, an international technology services company headquartered in South Florida. He has been in his position for 11 years and has 22 years of experience in his career.

Rod Plus Solutions provides information technology products and services for retail businesses. The company offers hardware and software to give retail businesses the next generation in point-of-sale systems. Mobility, as well as customer service solutions, also add value to its suite of products that can be implemented in a diversified horizontal. Using Rod Plus Solutions products allows retailers to more easily track sales, monitor inventory, also provide business intelligence to reach their own customer base.

In his current professional role, Mr. Spencer specializes in technology for hospitals, retail, restaurants, and others. His major clients include Microsoft and Grace Kennedy. He supervises a five-person management team in the Caribbean and United States.

Before embarking on his professional path, Mr. Spencer earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Information Technology. Among his professional memberships and affiliations, he is actively associated with RSPA, a large organization of software developers and related professionals.

Reflecting on his professional achievements, Mr. Spencer says his greatest accomplishments was growing the business from a one-person operation to a 20-plus employee organization in the span of only 10 years. Also, growth of his business in the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mr. Spencer has been featured in RSPA Tech Talk and has received Diamond and Platinum Awards from vendors.                                                                                                          

Among his keys to success, Mr. Spencer states, is being a steward of how his staff performs.

Looking to the future, Mr. Spencer would like to network with peers who can share experiences. In that regard, he is interested in mutual learning and adapting.

On a personal note, Mr. Spencer is most proud of his children: a daughter 22 years old and a son five years old.

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