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Larry E. Stevens – Top Pharmaceutical Consultant

Fort Worth, TX – Larry E. Stevens, is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Top Pharmaceutical Consultant as a Research and Development Scientist and Pharmaceutical Consultant at Pharma Analytic.

Larry E. Stevens

PharmaAnalytic provides expert Analytical Support, with a unique breadth of experience and depth of expertise that can help accomplish and even expedite critical and challenging projects. Here they promote and advance quality state-of-the-art pharmaceutical product developments and production. Products span sterile and non-sterile, small and large molecules (e.g., injectable, solutions, emulsions, tablets, capsules, creams, ophthalmic, implantable devices, diagnostic devices, peptides, polymers, enzymes, and consumer products).  Additional experience includes the process and development of novel technologies, instrumental systems and accompanying software.

Larry Stevens, founder of PharmaAnalytic has over 40 years of pharmaceutical experience extending from Quality to Research & Development. He prepared for his career at Oral Roberts University, earning his BS in Chemistry and later attended the University of North Texas, for his Master of Science in Chemistry.   He has always been interested in the building blocks and human metrics with his areas of focus being human modtics, strategic development, micro- analytics, and modeling kinetics analytics.

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