Lin Morel — Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Uwchland, PA—Prominently featured in The Inner Circle, Lin Morel is acknowledged as a Most Trusted Professional for her contributions to the fields of Counseling and Spiritual Leadership.

Dr. Morel pursued higher education at the University of Santa Monica where she earned a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology. She then attended the Spiritual Science Peace Theological Seminary where she earned a Doctorate in Spiritual Science at Peace Theological Seminary. Considered an expert in spiritual psychology, she specializes in stress; trauma release; domestic violence; and the grief loss spectrum.

The doctor is also a 5th-degree black belt; national karate champion; gold medalist; minister; visionary; and consultant. She focuses on studying and applying energetic modalities, such as Qi Gong and Tai Chi, for energy management and the healing of the body, mind, and spirit. A highlight in her career, Dr. Morel was a member of the first U.S.A. international goodwill and study program at the University of Beijing as a guest of the Chinese government and later returned to Taiwan to continue her practice and study of Tai Chi at the request of a master she met in Taipei.

Known both nationally and internationally, Dr. Morel has been called a masterful and powerful vessel of Light as a speaker, trainer, healer, and consultant/coach to those that work with her. She is a best-selling author and consultant to men, women, and children who have experienced trauma in their lives and notes that she has a comprehensive understanding of human development that helps her clients acquire heightened awareness, confidence, and the ability to move beyond challenges and into lives of greater personal and professional significance and fulfillment.

The doctor’s colleagues estimate she has touched millions of lives throughout her career and she continues expanding her reach to offer solutions to those imprisoned worldwide by the limitations of unrecognized trauma. A testament to her education and experience, Dr. Morel developed the W.I.N. protocol (Willingness, Intention, Neutrality) to assist individuals in dealing with traumatic events, which she developed as an outgrowth of transforming her trauma. The doctor asserts that this methodology has attracted executives, professional athletes, and individuals from various industries and backgrounds who desire to transform their lives, workplaces, and families.

Dr. Morel is also a non-denominational minister and certified Spiritual Director. She previously worked as a buyer in the petrochemical field and a specification writer and buyer at the N.J. Sports Authority. She also co-founded the Academy of Asian Arts and actively practices Ai Dao Kung Fu (Love Way Mastery), a system that promotes healing from trauma, and a Conscious Coach Training Program.

Dr. Morel has received many accolades during her successful career, including 2010 Coach of the Year by She has been featured on PBS; The Discovery Channel; NBC; “Your Second Fifty; the “Vastness of Being;” and The Dr. Nandi TV show. Most recently, she appeared in two docuseries: “Trauma” and Nathan Crane’s “Conquering Cancer.” Additional videos may be found at

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