Linda A. Smith – Senior Cost Analyst

Dallas, GA – Prominently featured in The Inner Circle, Linda A. Smith is acknowledged as a Pinnacle Professional Member for her contributions in Finance and Budgeting.

Linda A. Smith emerges as a standout figure in the realm of finance and budgeting, boasting a remarkable career spanning over 23 years. With a diverse skill set encompassing leadership, strategy, forecasting, and project coordination, Ms. Smith has established herself as a senior cost analyst and financial expert, making significant contributions to the industry.

Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational and Management Leadership from Mountain State University and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Phoenix, Ms. Smith’s academic background provides a solid foundation for her illustrious career. Her expertise extends across various domains, including finance, contract management, procurement, risk management, and business process improvement.

Ms. Smith’s professional journey is marked by a series of notable accomplishments. She began her career as a cost control finance analyst at Marathon Petroleum Company, where she honed her skills in financial analysis and manpower coordination. Subsequently, she held pivotal roles at Starcon International, Inc., Turner Industries, and Tennessee Valley Authority, gaining invaluable experience in project controls and financial analysis.

In addition to her corporate endeavors, Ms. Smith is a passionate advocate for community service, contributing her time and expertise to organizations such as Ronald McDonald House Charities. She attributes much of her success to the unwavering support and valuable life lessons imparted by her parents, emphasizing the importance of communication, respect, perseverance, and resilience.

Ms. Smith’s dedication to her career is matched only by her commitment to her family. She acknowledges the unwavering support of her parents, who instilled in her the values of integrity and hard work. As she continues to pursue her professional goals, Ms. Smith remains grounded in the love and support of her family, serving as a constant source of inspiration and motivation.

Looking ahead, Ms. Smith sets her sights on ascending to the role of vice president within the next three to five years, driven by her ambition to lead and inspire within the corporate landscape. Her philosophy, rooted in family values and personal growth, serves as a guiding light in her professional journey.

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