Lisa Gillette — Top Executive and Keynote Speaker

Los Angeles, CA — Lisa Gillette is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Top Executive Coach and Keynote Speaker

Lisa Gillette is the founder and CEO of BIG SKY Coaching & Consulting. A former sports television executive, she shares her expertise, knowledge, and practical strategies with women leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs. After successfully climbing the corporate ladder in a male dominated industry, Ms. Gillette is intimately familiar with the special challenges all women face in the workspace; particularly women in positions of authority. She is an equal pay activist, DEI advocate, and featured speaker for industry events focused on women’s leadership. She is currently writing her first book about the impact of gender bias on women’s leadership, to be published by Skyhorse Publishing in May 2022.

Ms. Gillette founded her company, BIG SKY Coaching & Consulting on the belief that, “When you can see the big picture, you will find the opportunities.” She offers one-on-one coaching services, keynote presentations, mastermind seminars, webinars, and workshops featuring original content. She works closely with individual clients in her private practice asking the ‘big picture’ questions to uncover each client’s deeper motivation and higher intent, identifying and confirming their guiding principles and core values. She also offers practical strategies to quiet and calm the voice of the ‘inner critic’, which holds many women back from asking for what they want, need, and deserve.

“Gender Bias is not a myth. The pay gap is real,” Ms. Gillette attests. “Women, especially women leaders, are held to a higher standard of behavior, accountability, and competence. It’s not fair, but we can’t let that stop us. Every time a woman asks for her fair share, she normalizes the process for every woman following after her.” 

“I encourage every woman who feels called to step into a role of higher leadership, to be the change that makes the difference. Women must stand up, speak up, and be prepared to negotiate the title and salary they deserve,” continues Ms. Gillette. “I respect and applaud all men who support greater diversity in management. I honor those men who believe every woman deserves equal access to professional opportunities, career advancement, and, of course, equal pay.

Ms. Gillette is an Executive Coach (PCC) certified by the International Coaching Federation, a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, an accredited NLP Practitioner, and holds a BFA in English Literature from Reed College, Portland, Oregon. She is a member in good standing of both ICF International and ICF Los Angeles, and offers her services, pro bono, as a career coach for Dress For Success and Lean In Los Angeles.

Before retiring from the corporate arena, Ms. Gillette worked in broadcast and cable television. She landed her first industry job in 1990 as a Room Producer for SHOWTIME. Over the next 25 years, Ms. Gillette moved up the ranks of management. She was the Project Lead on the build-out of three nonlinear post-production facilities, Head of Creative Services for the DBS provider PRIMESTAR, and joined FOX Sports in 1999 as Director of On Air Planning and Operations. In 2001 she was named VP of On Air Operations for FOX Sports broadcast and the 22 regional sports networks. In 2004 she was named SVP of On Air Planning and Operations for FOX Sports Media Group. Along with providing strategic direction and creative support in the on-air launch of over 300 sports networks in Asia, Latin America, and the US, Ms. Gillette founded, designed, and led the mentorship program “Women Working in Sports,” focused on increasing diversity among senior management at FBC, Fox Sports, FSN, and the FOX Cable Network Group.  

Ms. Gillette’s company, BIG SKY Coaching & Consulting, is a natural extension of her desire to inspire, encourage and guide more women up the ranks of leadership all the way into the “C” suite.  

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