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Lori Seay — Trusted Executive

Chicago, IL —  Lori Seay is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Trusted Executive for her work in the Restaurant industry and in recognition of her work as the CEO and Co-Owner of Soul Veg City.

Lori Seay and her family have been providing delicious vegan cuisine to the Chicago, IL area for over 40 years. Ms. Seay is the second generation owner of Soul Veg City, located at 201 – 209 East 75th St. in Chicago, IL, and open seven days a week. The restaurant serves a wide range of delectable vegan dishes, from vegan shrimp sandwiches to soy-cheese pizza to vegan spicy chicken sandwiches. Soul Veg City serves entrees, sandwiches, desserts, and more. The restaurant is known for their realistic meat-alternative options, such as vegan fish and tartar and “The Extraordinary Burger (the New Garvey).” Soul Veg City also offers an extensive catering menu for private events and parties.

Ms. Seay is proud to have been serving vegan food long before it gained a foothold in popular culture. She is especially proud to source her ingredients in ways that are ethical and environmentally friendly. These healthy and vegan meals, she says, “are tried and proven to be sustainable.”

Originally known as Soul Vegetarian Original, the restaurant was renamed to Soul Veg City and remains at the same location. After taking over restaurant management in 2012, Ms. Seay and her brother Mr. Arel Brown now operate the restaurant together. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the restaurant underwent major renovations to create a beautiful new dining space with added seating capacity, which were overseen by Ms. Seay. The project added a dining area, pizza bar, selfie wall, and new patio seating, and expanded the size of the juice bar, live bar, bakery section, and hot bar.

Before she worked as an executive, Ms. Seay received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration and Management from Robert Morris University. She is a member of the Chicago Urban League and the Chicago Small Business Advisory Council.

Looking to the future, Ms. Seay would like to franchise her operations and create opportunities for more restaurant locations. On a personal note, she loves dancing, cooking, and reading.

For more information, visit ; or call 773-224-0104 for to place an order, or 773-443-0033 for Catering.

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